Even at the age of 66, Liam Neeson is still convincing in his roles as an invincible hero. “Mysterious Passenger” is no exception.

Liam Neeson trató de matar un afro para vengar una violación | RCN Radio

This is Liam Neeson’s last action movie . It is quite similar to many of his recent works such as the Taken series or Unknown . The film is considered highly entertaining.

In The Commuter – Mysterious Passenger , Michael MacCauley, played by Liam Neeson, is an insurance salesman in New York, USA. Although he worked hard, one day he was fired.

Liam Neeson returns one last time in the movie Mysterious Passenger - Photo 1.

On the way home by the only train he took in 10 years, he met a strange woman.

This person offered him a job with a large amount of money so he could support his family.

When he received the money, he gradually discovered the truth about the conspiracy behind this exchange.

The highlight of the film is that the main setting is relatively narrow and crowded train carriages. Liam Neeson Is, Once Again, an Angry Vigilante Dad Trapped on a Dangerous Vehicle in His Latest Film, 'Retribution' | GQ

Director Jaume Collet-Serra created a long, violent action sequence, shot with a single camera shot, showing the very high technical skills of the crew.

Throughout The Mysterious Passenger , the screenwriting team also wanted to incorporate messages about wage injustice in modern society.