Photo of Antonio Brown smiling and photo of Taylor Swift in blue dress

Antonio Brown has said and done a lot over the past few years. But it might be over for him now as he’s dared to go after Taylor Swift and the Swifties.

The former NFL wide receiver has been wilding on social media for a while now, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when he tweets something out of the way. However, he’s still managed to catch some people off guard with one of his latest posts as he’s shared an animated photo of himself tongue-wrestling the pop sensation.

“Move over Jizelle, what these Swifties talkin bout? #CTESPN,” the caption reads.

Check it out below:


Fans reckon he’s really gotten himself into some trouble now.

Swift is, of course, Travis Kelce’s new girlfriend. And we imagine the Chiefs tight end won’t be best pleased after seeing this.

the singer was the victim of some disgusting AI usage a few months ago, with a certain individual rendering disturbing sexual images with her as the subject.

AB’s photo isn’t half as bad, but it’s still considered disrespectful. And he might have to answer to a few people now.

Even so, it doesn’t seem like he cares about consequences as he’s still having a go at Swift fans, claiming he can’t be canceled twice.

It appears it’s on between Antonio Brown and the Swifties. It’s going to be interesting to see how it plays out.