Patrick Mahomes getting tackled

(Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images)
The NFL is looking to abolish one of football’s most controversial tackles ahead of the upcoming 2024 season.

The hip-drop tackle, which has been one of the most-discussed topics where it pertains to NFL rule changes, is now likely to be outlawed as the Competition Committee has produced verbiage regarding a penalty for the move.

In a proposal made this Wednesday, it was suggested that a 15-yard penalty be issued if a player grabs or wraps a runner with both of his arms and “unweights himself by swiveling and dropping his hips and/or lower body, landing on and trapping the runner’s leg(s) at or below the knee.”

That is according to Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports.

Such a rule does seem like it would be difficult to officiate as consistency is expected to be an issue. This has been the case when it comes to targeting penalties, and it could be a challenging adjustment for referees if it is approved.

The NFL has shared data showing that the hip-drop tackle has a 25-time injury risk when compared to a regular tackle. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was one of two notable players injured during the playoffs as a result of the hip-drop tackle. Cowboys running back Tony Pollard was the other.

Another NFL Rule Has Been Proposed Ahead Of Next Season

It will be interesting to see what decision is taken in this regard given how long this topic has lingered, as well as the challenges enforcing it would pose to officials. Of course, player safety remains a priority for the league, so the proposal is likely to be approved.

Meanwhile, a proposal to change kickoffs will also be discussed as it’s been suggested that fair catches should be eliminated. At the same time, kicking teams shouldn’t be able to move unless the ball is caught or lands in a specified area, while returning teams can only have two returners.