Dennis Schroder slams D’Angelo Russell ‘not mature’ response

Dennis Schroder slams D’Angelo Russell ‘not mature’ response
D’Angelo Russell is one of the best talents of the NBA in recent years. The talented Point Guard delivered some of best clutch performances for Los Angeles Lakers in his early years when he just started off in the NBA.

However, with consistent beefs and inconsistent performances, D’Angelo Russell is having a hard time in the NBA these days as his recent comments have displeased his former teammate Dennis Schroder, who was recently traded to Brooklyn Nets.

Dennis Schroder slams D’Angelo Russell ‘not mature’ response

Brooklyn Nets guard Dennis Schroder fired back at his former Los Angeles Lakers teammate D’Angelo Russell, who said in a recent interview with ESPN that his former backcourt mate was the reason he was not able to have a relationship with his head coach Darvin Ham.

Russell said that Schroder’s relationship with Ham affected his confidence, to which Schroder replied that Russell has shown immaturity while speaking about his relationship with him and head coach Darvin Ham and he does not understand what Russell was talking about.

D’Angelo called ‘generational snitch’ over Dennis comment

Rapper Mase recently appeared on the podcast ‘It Is What It Is’ and shared his thoughts on the situation by calling D’Angelo Russell a ‘generational snitch’. Mase referred to the Nick Young controversy and said that Russell finds himself in these situations where he should not be, and how he shares information with people that he should not be interacting with.

Mase said “Like the ni**a snitch on everybody man, got a whole new generation he snitching on.” He added “A generational snitch right here, he is going to make it his business to snitch on somebody. Like D’Angelo Russell, chill out.”

Recently the news of Hawks not interested in D’Angelo Russell also made headlines after it was rumored that the 2019 NBA All Star might be traded soon as Lakers begin exploring other options for the next season.

D’Angelo Russell is definitely catching strays from all sides not just because of his words but also due to his stats. Russell has averaged 17 points, six assists, and three rebounds this season. These numbers do not suit a player of his caliber and suggest that Russell needs to rebuild himself and his attitude in both his personal and professional life.

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