Anthony Davis Gets Mad at Austin Reaves

Anthony Davis Gets Mad at Austin Reaves (Image Credits: Getty Images)
Lakers star Anthony Davis got mad at his teammate Austin Reaves for talking during his shootout with LeBron James. The video of the incident is going viral on social media and the fans are reacting to it in full swing.

Davis’ performance has been a mixed bag this season, with flares of great performances here and there. Reaves, on the other hand, has been consistent in his performances but overall, his output has been a bit low compared to last year.

Anthony Davis gets mad at Austin Reaves

Lakers big man Anthony Davis recently got mad at Austin Reaves for talking in his shot during his shootout with his team’s ace. The video of the incident is posted on social media, where both stars can be seen clearly. The incident took place during a practice session, in the video, AD can be seen taking a shot from the edge of the court in three-point distance.

However, the shot did not go into the basket and that’s when Austin Reaves reacted to it. AD was instantly infuriated at Reaves for talking about his failed shot. The words of Davis were not clear but he yelled at Austin with both his hands in front of him.

LeBron James can be seen casually hooping around after the confrontation between Davis and Reaves. The Lakers ace was not bothered by the confrontation between the big man and the rising star, he was seen smiling instead.

Reaves described Davis’ performance in three words

In the Lakers vs Wolves game, Anthony Davis had the perfect opportunity to shine. The Wolves were thin in the frontcourt, with both of their key centers sidelined from the game. The fans expected Davis to have a great game and he lived up to those expectations. AD was a dominant force under the rim, with no one able to contain him.

Davis had one of the best performances of his career that night. He scored 27 points and collected 25 rebounds. Austin Reaves gave a post-game interview after the match and was asked about his thoughts on the big man.

Reaves cleverly described it in just three words, “Just pure dominance,” said Reaves. Those three words were enough to summarize Davis’ performance against the Wolves.

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