NBA Breaks Silence on Controversial Call in Warriors vs. Lakers - Inside  the Warriors

The Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors had a bizarre finish to what was an exciting game on Saturday night. Along with the shot clock not working properly, there was an extensive review to see if LeBron James was out of bounds on a made three pointer late in the fourth quarter.

In a Pool Report with Khobi Price of the Southern California News Group, Crew Chief David Guthrie explained that ruling, stating the following:

“James’ left foot is out of bounds as he beings to shoot. Yes, it is reviewable at that time. The rule is Rule 13, Section II(f)(3): Whether the shooter committed a boundary line violation, the replay center official will only look at the position of the player’s feet at the moment they touch the floor immediately prior to the release of the shot. This can be applied during other replay triggers as well.”

There was another big play late in this game when the shot clock malfunctioned, allowing Golden State to get an extended possession beyond 24 seconds. When asked about this play, Guthrie said, “The shot clock malfunctioned during live play at that time and that is not a reviewable matter.”

Guthrie admitted that the officials are responsible for noticing a shot clock malfunction in that instance, but once it happens they cannot go back and change it.