NBA Legend Proposes Trade to Help Victor Wembanyama

During a recent episode of his 7PM in Brooklyn podcast, NBA and Denver Nuggets legend Carmelo Anthony proposed a Trae Young to the San Antonio Spurs trade to pair the star point guard with Victor Wembanyama.

“[The Spurs] got a plan for the kid,” Anthony said. “Let it play out. [Gregg Popovich] knew they was gonna be trash… So San Antonio is not in no rush. They are one of those organizations that build and develop. They got a plan for him, let it play out. Be patient.”

While Anthony knows the Spurs have a plan for their star rookie, he added, “It’s just the very beginning of it, so you don’t know how he might [develop]. You have an idea of the type of pieces you’d want around him. Shooters, you gotta have an explosive point guard, a playmaker but not someone that’s shoot first, score first. Again, this is like a trial run for San Antonio. Let’s see physically can he last throughout the season, how does he respond to the bumps and bruises and rookie wall? They just checking the list as it’s a full-year plan.”

Could Trae Young be that point guard? Anthony said, “Trae? Yeah. Hell yeah. I think you need another alpha. Trae Young brings a certain type of energy. So I think that’s something San Antonio should look at.”

This is a trade proposal many have discussed, and it’s one Anthony believes could be good for San Antonio.