Draymond Green openly named Mavs star Kyrie Irving a better player than the Sun's ace Kevin Durant Draymond Green openly named Mavs star Kyrie Irving a better player than the Sun’s ace Kevin Durant (Image Source: GettyImages)
Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green recently issued some statements that might not sit right with the Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant. Green openly named the Mavs star Kyrie Irving a better player than the Sun’s ace.

Kyrie Irving had everyone talking about him after the Mavs vs Nuggets game. Irving stole the show with a stunning buzzer-beater that pushed his team over the victory line. He is at the center of many praises with even LeBron James praising him.

Draymond Green crowns NBA’s top scorer to Kyrie Irving over Kevin Durant

After the Mavs vs Nuggets game, Draymond Green expressed his thoughts on his podcast the “Draymond Green Show.” He called Kyrie Irving a better scorer in comparison to the 14-time NBA All-Star Kevin Durant. “Kyrie Irving is a scorer that everyone in the whole world thinks of Kevin Durant. What I mean by that is that there are some things, at times, that you can do to Kevin to make it a little tougher on him,” said Green.

He further continued, “Kyrie Irving, you can not do anything to make it hard for him. You can not make the game tough for Kyrie. He is one of the best three-point shooters, and he is one of the best mid-rangers arguably, if not the best… There is nothing you can do to stop Kyrie from scoring.” Draymond argued that Kyrie is better than KD as the Mavs star cannot be stopped. He reasoned that Kevin Durant can struggle a bit if a defender knows a way to shut him down, however, the same does not apply to Irving.

Green’s top scorer claims angers NBA fans

Draymond Green’s statements were a bit controversial and the NBA fans recognised it as well. They flooded the comments sections on social media to express their opinions on the Warrior stars’ statements. Many KD fans also vented out their anger at the Green’s words. One fan commented, “This n***a hates KD so much” claiming that Green hates Durant.

Another fan commented, “Didn’t you cry to KD to join your team after you blew a 3-1 lead” highlighting the time Durant joined the Warriors to form one of the most dominant superteams in the history of the NBA.

Another fan commented, “Why always disrespecting KD at any slight chance you get” directly asking Green about the KD disrespect he throws out at every opportunity he gets.

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