San Antonio Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama has been impressive so far in his rookie season in the NBA. Not only has Wemby lived up to the hype, but he’s proven ready for the league’s level of competition and length of the season. Offensively, Victor has looked unstoppable at times with his ability to knock down the outside shot, including the three-pointer.

Inside the paint, Wembanyama has also used his length to easily go over and around his defenders. But if you ask NBA Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady, the French phenom would become really unstoppable if he had Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s skyhook.

“Kareem skyhook, why not?” said McGrady on his Instagram page. “It’s unstoppable. He’s 7’5”, unstoppable shot, he has passing ability, so if you want to come double, oh, I could see your little man coming. Woop, there you go. There’s nothing you can do about that. The wingspan? His release point? That sh** is gonna be 9-foot, you can’t get that.”

Kareem’s skyhook has become obsolete in today’s NBA

The skyhook is the shot that Abdul-Jabbar patented and used so many times throughout his basketball career. When used by the 7’2” Kareem, that signature shot was unstoppable because he brought the ball up so high that nobody could block it.

As the game evolved, though, the skyhook has become obsolete. When Shaquille O’Neal arrived, big men began to use their size and strength to power their way to the basket and dunk the ball more. In the current era, centers have moved away from the basket and evolved into floor-spacing three-point shooters.

But the arrival of Wemby in the league has brought back the discussion of the skyhook. At 7’4”, Wembanyama’s bag of tricks almost already has everything. He can dunk, dribble, shoot, and pass. Given what he already has in his arsenal, adding the skyhook would make him virtually unstoppable. Or so that’s what many, including T-Mac, say.

Wemby said last year that he wants to add the skyhook to his arsenal

So far, we haven’t seen Wembanyama utilize the skyhook, but you can’t blame him. Although he’s shown the ability to explode on offense, it’s obvious Victor is still trying to adjust to the NBA game. But as early as last year, the Spurs rookie already said it’s a shot he’s been looking to add to his offensive arsenal.

“I’ve been working a little bit on my skyhook, you know, the Kareem skyhook,” said Wemby during an interview with Bleacher Report. “And hopefully, one day, it can be a weapon to add to my game.”

Also, Victor has shown extra dedication to playing defense and contest shots so that could also be where his focus is right now, aside from adjusting to his new work environment. That’s probably a good thing for the opposition because if and when he masters the Kareem skyhook, the NBA’s going to really become Wemby’s.