Tyreek Hill running route in Paris

Tyreek Hill has gone viral this week after appearing in a video showing him running routes against one of the best defensive backs in France.

The Miami Dolphins wide receiver visited the Paris Musketeers, the European country’s professional American Football team, on Monday and ran routes against their DBs. As shown in the clip, he was his usual pesky self and could not be contained.

Check it out right below:

Of course, Hill is arguably the best wide receiver in the game right now, so that he smoked a player from a country not known for this type of football is hardly surprising. But, to be fair, the best cornerbacks in the NFL don’t have an easy time playing against him either.

Tyreek Hill Still Chasing a 2,000-Yard Season

Tyreek Hill is looking to break an NFL record and sit atop the pedestal as the player with the most receiving yards in a single season.

The 30-year-old made no secret of his 2,000-yard goal for last season and was well on pace to reach the mark and break the record set by Calvin Johnson in 2012. The former Detroit Lions star tallied 1,964 yards that season and remains the player to register the most yards in one NFL campaign.

Hill beat his personal best of 1,710 in 2023, recording 1,799 yards in 16 games. It will be interesting to see whether he can reach the desired mark in 2024.

Hill Has Been Getting Some Bad Press This Offseason

Meanwhile, Hill is having some trouble evading bad press. Reports revealed he tried divorcing his wife earlier this year, and it’s since been reported that police were called to his home after an argument during which he allegedly smashed a cigar into her face.

The wideout has also been sued by an OF model who claims he purposely broke her leg during a backyard game.

Since then, it’s also been reported that he was involved in an altercation with a female at a Kevin Hart show, though he was not the aggressor.