Cardi B continues to spark divorce rumors from husband Offset.

On a recent Instagram Live, the “Bodak Yellow” artist talked about New Year’s resolutions and making the decision to get rid of “dead weight” in her life.

“Don’t wait until the 25th or like three days before the new year,” she warned fans in the video shared by Gossip Of the City. “We keep saying every year, ‘New year, new me, new this, new that.’

Who Did Offset Cheat on Cardi B With? Affair, Infidelity Rumors – StyleCaster

Cardi B broke down in tears during an emotional rant about her estranged husband, Offset, in which she slams him for toying with her emotions at her ‘most vulnerable time.’

During an Instagram Live on Friday, the mother-of-two, 31, called out her former partner, 32, for being deceitful in a profanity-ridden tirade.

Added Cardi, “Next year is gonna be all about me.”

This is not the first time Cardi B declares herself single. Offset was suspected of cheating on Cardi multiple times at the beginning of 2018. Cardi B filed for divorce from her husband, said she wouldn’t take him back and will not “surrender to the p—s”. Rapper then took him back after all and it seems he keeps doing the same mistake. That explains why her fans hope her to be wise and move on without looking back.

In 2020, Cardi B decided to take Offset back again, leaving her fans in shocks.

At that time, following her split from her estranged husband Offset over infidelity, Cardi B has revealed she is seriously missing his big boy.

The rapper and mother of one went on Instagram Live to chat with her fans, and in the process, she revealed it been long she had it and also misses Offset’s eggplant.

‘Oh my God. I almost died. My gag reflexes are leaving because I haven’t done it in such a long time. I miss it. Boutta relapse and call him’.

She also went on with describing Offset to her fans, saying: ‘Big, fat and heavy. I miss it. A. Lot. I want it.’