Nicki Minaj’s advice for men 'Cum quick = go quick', rants against FAKE orgasms

Nicki Minaj was upset about women faking orgasms (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for TNT)


Nicki Minaj couldn’t hold it in when a female Twitter user tweeted about faking orgasms. In the process, she spilled some details of her own sex life. The Twitter user wrote “I faked so many orgasms… It’s not even funny,” to which the Harajuku Barbie wrote back “I HAVE never and WILL never understand why women do this. How will your partner learn how to make [you] feel good if you aren’t honest with him?”

The 39-year-old rapper went on to reveal her own game plan to ensure that her man knows what she likes and those who don’t get it right within the “grace period”, get ditched. “A b***h like me used to give a grace period. After that, you gettin cussed out every time. They figure it out REAL QUICK! Either dat or [peace],”

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In another tweet, Nicki added, “I wish I WOULD be sittin there moaning and groaning when I actually wanna punch dis dummy right in his fkn head top.” When a follower asked the “Starship” hitmaker “What if they cum too quick?” she shared her wisdom saying “Cum quick = go quick. Bye sir. Unless they can go two rounds after. I’ll excuse the first round cuz I know you excited boo.”

Later Nicki also liked a post saying “Kenny must be doin something right then love that for him,” hinting that Kenneth Petty, her current love interest is good in bed. Nicki liked another hilarious observation of a Twitter user who wrote, “This is what’s wrong with men now. That’s why they’re on podcast thinking they’re all alpha men cause y’all been faking orgasms.”

During the QnA session when a fan asked about her upcoming collaborations, Nicki mentioned that she is thinking about Drake to executive produce her upcoming release. “We actually discussed him EP’ing this new album. That was b4 Seeing Green even came out,” she replied.