GOOD FRIEND OR BAD FRIEND? – Jason Lee Warned Us About Beyonce & Jay Z’s Divorce | Blackmailed Beyonce? | HO

Hold up!! Did Jason Lee really spill the tea about Beyoncé and Jay Z’s divorce months before any of us really caught on to it?

Chile, y’all might want to sit down for this one because the tea is hot and I cannot sip by myself. Now if you’ve been on social media the past few weeks then you probably saw Jason trending sometime ago after he jumped on his talk show and boldly blackmailed Beyonce on camera.

He threatened to reveal some damaging information about her and Jay’s marriage unless she got Kelly Rowland to appear on his show. At the time a lot of people didn’t know what he was talking about and dragged him for filth for coming for Beyonce.

How Jason Lee Blackmailed Beyonce With Her Shocking Secret - YouTube

The controversy began when Beyoncé did not invite Jason Lee to her Renaissance movie premiere in London, despite their purported friendship. Feeling snubbed, Lee went on his talk show to express his disappointment and hinted at possessing incriminating information about Beyoncé and Jay-Z. He implied that he would keep the information private if Kelly Rowland agreed to an interview with him.

Further rumors of a potential divorce between Beyoncé and Jay-Z emerged due to Jay-Z’s alleged shady dealings with Diddy and his past relationships, including his involvement with Foxy Brown when she was underage. Beyoncé’s discomfort during Jay-Z’s Grammy speech, where he defended her but referred to her as “this young lady,” also raised eyebrows.

The video suggests that Beyoncé may be accelerating her business endeavors, such as releasing hair care products and albums, to secure her finances before Jay-Z’s alleged shady dealings are exposed. Speculation about their marriage intensified after a former bodyguard claimed that Jay-Z controls Beyoncé with drugs.

Overall, the video presents a narrative of a troubled marriage between Beyoncé and Jay-Z, fueled by rumors, controversies, and hints from various sources. It suggests that Jason Lee may possess information that could further shed light on their relationship issues.

VIDEO: Jason Lee Warned Us About Beyonce & Jay Z’s Divorce


During an episode of “The Jason Lee Podcast,” Lee accused Beyoncé of shading Black media outlets during her sold-out Renaissance World Tour, and social media is all ears.

While the superstar’s tour made millions in revenue and her Bey Good Foundation issued checks to both Black and LGBTQ+ businesses around the world, Lee feels that isn’t enough.

“I think optically when you don’t include other Black leaders in the culture in the fold, take me out of it, The Breakfast Club. I mean, you should have honored and brought more Black people in because Beyoncé has such a huge voice,” Lee said. “I’ve done a lot, and I’m not even going to say it here because if I did, this internet, Beyoncé’s good internet, would go crazy. Did I tell y’all what I’ve done?”

He continued to spill the tea to his co-hosts while covering his mouth with paper and having his producer bleep his words out, all to get their reactions.

The controversial creative claims he spent over $40,000 to see Beyonce’s show three times and says he feels unappreciated. Leaving viewers curious, Lee went on to say, “There should be a little love there.”

Jason Lee Accuses Beyonce Of Not Supporting Black Media
Then, after alluding to “receipts,” the former “Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood” star pointed the finger at the “Cozy” singer’s longtime publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure, saying while Bey doesn’t know what he has allegedly done, Noel-Schure does.

That’s where things got sticky. Lee hopes to have Kelly Rowland, Destiny Child member and Beyoncé’s best friend, on his show, and said if that doesn’t happen, the “receipts” will be exposed. “I’m just being critical. That’s just what I do. You know that, Yvette. I’m trying to book Kelly Rowland right now,” Lee said.

“Now, if I don’t get Kelly Rowland because I say this about — then, then it’s gon’ be a problem. Then I’m putting out receipts. The receipts I just told y’all about, then I’ll put those out.”

As the video started circulating around social media, users called “cap” on Lee’s accusations, calling him shady and pointing out that he may not have said anything under the paper.

“He didn’t say shit under that piece of paper. I’m crying,” @itunesdrop said.

Another reminisced on Lee being ignored by Bey at a past Roc Nation brunch. “Isn’t this the same guy she was avoiding at the Roc Nation brunch,” @HenriettaSnacks wrote. “That is the closest he is ever going to get to her, and now he just lost his invitation to the next one.”

Hopefully Lee will change his ways, as the reality show star recently filed paperwork to enter the District 6 council race in his hometown of Stockton, California. He says that after all these years in the entertainment industry, now is the right time to run.