‘Crazy how they can freeze YOUR funds WTF’ – Kanye West LEAKED Proofs Of Wendy William’s ELIMINATION Plan | She Has DIRT On Many Celebs | HO

So this Wendy Williams saga is getting more sinister by the minute and now Kanye’s out there saying that Hollywood higher-ups might be trying to silence Wendy because she has too much dirt on some powerful industry players.

We all know Wendy’s had her health ups and downs, but it’s sketchy that her bank froze her assets before they even had proof she was unable to manage them.

And then when you think about how Wendy’s whole career was built on calling out the shady stuff in the industry…well, it really makes you wonder if Kanye might be onto something. Sure, Wendy was often messy… however, she was also fearless, calling out everyone from celebs to politicians, and nine times out of 10 she had receipts to back up her claims.

Wendy Williams: Kanye West 'is not well'

Being restrained and isolated from loved ones is a harrowing experience. Jamar’s sentiments echo a turbulent era in hip-hop, recalling how Wendy Williams once faced severe backlash for her outspokenness. Now, allegations swirl that powerful figures in Hollywood are silencing her, raising unsettling questions.

Wendy’s journey is fraught with legal battles and a concerning diagnosis of dementia, prompting speculation about ulterior motives. When her bank froze her assets in 2022, alleging incapacity, Wendy fiercely contested it. Despite sounding coherent, her finances were placed under the control of attorney Sabrina Morisy.

Suspicions deepen with revelations of judicial misconduct, implying a rigged system. Wendy’s son, Kevin Junior, suggests manipulation by her team, further muddying the waters. Meanwhile, attempts to halt a documentary about Wendy’s life suggest efforts to control the narrative.

Similar tales emerge, notably Kanye West’s struggles and Britney Spears’ conservatorship ordeal, drawing eerie parallels. Allegations of coercion and medication echo throughout, raising concerns about the entertainment industry’s darker side.

Harley Pastak’s involvement, with ties to psychological operations, adds a sinister layer. Kanye’s claims of forced medication, akin to Britney’s experience, underscore a pattern of abuse and control within celebrity circles.

In this labyrinth of intrigue, Wendy Williams stands as a symbol of resistance, her voice silenced by unseen forces. As the public speculates on her fate, the truth remains elusive. The saga continues, a cautionary tale of fame, power, and the price of speaking out in a world where truth is often obscured.

VIDEO: Kanye West LEAKED Proofs Of Wendy William’s ELIMINATION Plan

Wendy Williams on Kanye West breakdown: ‘I feel bad for the innocence of Saint and North’

Wendy Williams has weighed in on Kanye West’s breakdown, saying she’s concerned for the rapper and Kim Kardashian and feels for their kids.

The Low Lights star is being treated at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles after suffering a breakdown and his personal physician, Dr Michael Farzam, reportedly told police he had attempted to assault a staff member at the gym.

Speaking on her show on Tuesday, the TV host said: “We don’t all necessarily agree with how they make their money which is why I’m saying… Kanye should have taken time off, some people were saying, after Kim’s robbery.

Wendy Williams would let her children watch Cosby show as it returns to TV

Wendy weighs in on Kanye’s breakdown (Image: FOX 5)

Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble

Wendy also branded the Kardashians “opportunistic” (Image: Getty)

“When you have a 21-city tour and you’ve already signed papers and you need money, because, depending on the stories you read, everything that is glittering is not necessarily golden. You know, it costs a lot.

“I do not feel bad for Kanye and Kim only because they have built this life, but I feel bad for the innocence of Saint and North.

(Image: Getty)

However, Wendy did go on to say she’s concerned for both Kanye and Kim and wishes them both well.

“I am concerned for them though. Don’t get used to hearing this out of my mouth. No, but I am concerned for them. I do feel Kanye… lost his mum.

“The anniversary [of her death] was November 20 so you can imagine – or maybe you can’t – what this man is going through.

Though she couldn’t resist taking a little swipe, adding: “If he is looking at the Kardashians as being his only family, well, good luck with that.”

Wendy also told her audience that Kim was due at an event honouring her late father on Monday night, but as soon as she touched down in New York and heard the shock news, she flew back to Los Angeles to be with her husband.

Kim rushed to be by her husband’s side (Image: AFP/Getty)

Speaking about some of Kanye’s early music, she continued: “We’ve seen Kanye be different since we met Kanye – but there was a time when the music was good. When he had Gold Digger and Good Life, Through The Wire.

“Even in 2005 when he said George Bush doesn’t like black people. You know what? I even accepted that for an artist being interesting and provocative, but he still had Through The Wire and Good Life and Gold Digger.

“He was just an interesting dude who said something interesting and thought provoking.

Kanye West was hospitalised on Monday afternoon (Image: Splash)

“But then we saw the Taylor Swift moment and were like, ‘hold on now’. Remember he dragged that bottle of Hennessy across the red carpet?”

In the same Hot Topics segment, she also said Kris Jenner should have returned to Los Angeles to be with her son-in-law rather than attend the Angel Ball.

“At least I feel like Kris should have been there – she could have jumped on the next plane.”

The TV host added: “You catch the next plane, mum. Hire your own plane and you come to LA. After all, mum, it’s not like you need to be there to honour dad.

“You didn’t exactly turn out to be the most honourable wife when dad was here, mum.”