That “man—shut up” came from the gut—He was legit shook for a moment: Kanye West Crashed Wedding & Took Maxwell’s Mic – Steve Stoute Tells Story 

Kanye West Crashed Wedding & Took Maxwell’s Mic While Performing

Steve Stoute tells crazy wedding story of Kanye West taking the mic away from Maxwell:

“Man, how do you know this? … Yes, Kanye grabbed the mic and started free styling and it was craziness.”

Kanye West Stole Mic From Maxwell & Rapped At Steve Stoute Wedding | HipHopDX

Kanye West apparently gave Maxwell the Taylor Swift treatment at Steve Stoute’s wedding by grabbing the mic from him on stage.

The record executive married Lauren Branche in Tarrytown, New York in September 2015, but it wasn’t without a bit of drama involving Ye.

During an appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast, the former NFL star asked Stoute if it was true that Kanye snatched the mic from Maxwell on his big day — to which he was shocked he even knew about the incident.

“Man, how do you know this?” Stoute said in disbelief. “Man, shut up. Who told you that? Nah man, who told you this?”

Sharpe replied: “The night has a thousand eyes. Steve, I’m just asking the question. I just wanna know. My audience wanna know. Maxwell was performing, Kanye got in there and started freestyling. Yes or no that happened?”

Steve Stoute confirmed the story before describing the moment Kanye West took hold of the mic as “crazy.”

“That’s so wild that you know that, man. Who would tell you that?” he said. “Yes, Kanye grabbed the mic and started freestyling, and it was… craziness. That’s all I can tell you. It was crazy.”

Steve Stoute Recalls Kanye West Stealing Mic From Maxwell At Wedding

Maxwell shared an Instagram post from inside the reception at the time, revealing some of the celebrity attendees included Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, JAY-Z, Beyoncé and LeBron James.

The post revealed he was a surprise musical guest after being called on stage by Nas, with Kanye then stepping up to freestyle.

However, the R&B singer made no reference to the mic-snatching incident as he said in the caption that Kanye “graced the stage as his lovely wife watched on.”

The pair reportedly had a problem years beforehand involving a significant other. An article from Media Take Out in 2010 claimed that Kanye West “stole” model Selita Ebanks from Maxwell after they dated for around six months.

“They were trying to keep it out of the public because they wanted it to last… they really cared for each other,” a source close to the singer told the outlet.

The insider continued: “Kanye and Selita were sneaking around behind Maxwell’s back. This is crazy because they were all friends. For Ye to do that is beyond grimey. He’ll get his though, Maxwell is no punk.”