Taylor Swift is famous, talented and rich, but has trouble in love.

Known for her musical talent and long list of lovers from Joe Jonas, Lucas Till to Calvin Harris, the one left out is always the beautiful, seductive female singer. However, Taylor seems to be used to bitter breakups and is quite strong in love.

Accordingly, Taylor’s statements about love will make any girl who watches it want to recover after falling in love. Put aside the pain and live a better life, girls. You can tell yourself: Even Taylor Swift is in trouble, not me.

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We should love, but not fall in love. Because anything that falls will hurt.”


“I have experienced great joy and pain, and I have had to find a way to balance both. I have learned that love has no form and that no one is perfect.”


“They can be a part of your life but never let a man be your life.”​


“Be the strong girl that everyone knows will help you get through the worst things.”​


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She lost him but she found herself


“Giving up doesn’t always mean being weak, it just means being strong enough to move on!”​


“One day you won’t even remember the damn pain that you thought would last forever…