On the morning of February 5 (Vietnam time), the 66th Grammy Music Awards was held in the spirit of innovation and musical diversification. The event gathered many famous stars in the industry such as Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran, Olivia Rodrigo…

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Leading the nominations this year is female vocalist SZA with 9 nominations, followed by names like Victoria Monét, Phoebe Bridgers, and Serban Ghenea with 7 nominations each. Monét’s 2-year-old daughter, Hazel, became the youngest nominated artist in Grammy Awards history when she collaborated with her mother on the song that received a nomination for Best Traditional R&B Performance – Hollywood.

And as a result, Victoria Monét won the “New Artist of the Year” award. She talked about her perseverance in Hollywood when accepting the award: “I want everyone to see me as a testament. This award is a 15-year pursuit.” The singer compares himself to a tree that has been rooted deep in the ground for many years and is now sprouting buds. Monét is 35 years old and is an independent artist. She collaborated with Ariana Grande for many years, composing many songs for Grande. Last year, she released many attention-grabbing songs such as Smoke, On My Mama, Party Girls.

Victoria Monét thắng giải "Nghệ sĩ mới của năm".Victoria Monét won the “New Artist of the Year” award.

Next, female singer SZA won the “Best R&B Song” award for the song Snooze. The R&B star’s hit song topped the Billboard charts for 12 consecutive weeks. She said when receiving the award: “You can’t understand, I have really come very far.” The Best R&B Song award marks SZA’s third win. Previously, the artist took home Outstanding Contemporary R&B Album for SOS and Outstanding Pop Duo/Group Performance for Ghost in the Machine, singing with Phoebe Bridgers.

Nữ ca sỹ SZA thắng giải "Ca khúc R&B hay nhất" cho ca khúc Snooze.
Female singer SZA won the “Best R&B Song” award for the song Snooze.

As expected, “pop queen” Taylor Swift is the winner of the Grammy Award for “Best Pop Album” and “Album of the Year” with Midnights. When going on stage to receive the award for Best Pop Album, Taylor said this was the 13th “golden trumpet” of her career. In addition to thanking the professional panel and fans, the female singer also revealed on stage the release of her new album on April 19 titled The Tortured Poets Department.

“This is my 13th Grammy, my lucky number. I know the way the Academy awards reflects the passion of the fans. So, I want to thank the fans by tell you a secret that I’ve been keeping from you for the past two years, my brand new album is coming out on April 19th. It’s called The Tortured Poets Department. I’ll post the album cover art immediately,” the singer said. Soon after, the cover photo was posted on the singer’s Instagram. After eight minutes, the photo attracted nearly three million likes from fans.

Taylor Swift là người chiến thắng giải Grammy cho "Album nhạc pop xuất sắc nhất" và "Album của năm".Taylor Swift is a Grammy Award winner for “Best Pop Album” and “Album of the Year”.

With four winning albums, Taylor Swift has made history at the Grammys. Previously, three of her records achieved “Album of the Year” status, including Fearless, 1989 and Folklore – equal to the number of legends Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, and Paul Simon. Previously, Midnights set a record as the most streamed album in a single day on the Spotify platform. In addition to releasing the album, the artist has had a year of exciting activities while conducting the world tour Eras Tour. Billboard evaluates Taylor Swift’s influence in the period 2023-2024 on par with The Beatles, Bee Gees and Michael Jackson.

This year’s Grammy Awards witnessed a sweet result for Miley Cyrus’ strong rise over the past year with the hit Flowers. The female singer received two awards: “Best Pop Solo Performance” and “Recording of the Year”. The Esquire commented that Flowers marked Miley Cyrus’s maturity in both life and music, as she shed her rebellious image, moving towards the image of an independent woman.

Đây là danh hiệu Grammy đầu tiên sau gần hai thập kỷ Miley Cyrus làm việc trong ngành công nghiệp âm nhạc.This is Miley Cyrus’s first Grammy title in nearly two decades in the music industry.

In her speech, Miley Cyrus likened Flowers to a gift she had always wanted and emphasized the significance of her first Grammy title after nearly two decades of working in the music industry. After the 2024 Grammy Awards, Miley Cyrus’ red carpet fashion style also caused the most discussion. The female singer chose a dress made especially for her by fashion house Maison Margiela. This is a bold see-through dress, made from yellow safety pins, helping to show off the female singer’s entire figure.

Even though it’s the film’s soundtrack theme song, What was I made for? by Billie Eilish with her strong rise has officially helped the female gen Z singer win the “golden trumpet” for the “Song of the Year” award. Previously, Billboard also predicted that this song would win because in addition to Grammy, What was I made for? There is also high expectation in the Best Original Song category at the Oscars on March 10.

Eilish đã bày tỏ lòng biết ơn đối với Finneas và đạo diễn Greta Gerwig của bộ phim Barbie vì đã "làm nên bộ phim hay nhất của năm".Eilish expressed gratitude to Finneas and Barbie director Greta Gerwig for “making the best movie of the year”.

However, Grammy 2024 also has unexpected incidents. Before the awards ceremony  was broadcast live, the Recording Academy (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) announced the winners on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), including “Best rap song” Barbie World (Barbie soundtrack) by Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice. But after that, the organizers quickly deleted the post and Killer Mike, the owner of the song Scientists & Engineers featuring André 3000, Future and Eryn Allen Kane, was the winner of this award.

The tweet was deleted but netizens were able to screenshot it and spread it across social networks. The mistake caused an uproar because many people thought this was Minaj’s first Grammy win after being nominated 12 times. Once again, the famous female rapper was “empty-handed” at the Grammys. This female rapper’s failure to win an award made her fans angry. Currently, the keyword #Scammys (roughly translated as Grammy scams) has reached the top trending keywords on Twitter.

Những ngôi sao nhạc pop nữ không chỉ làm chủ cuộc vui trên thảm đỏ, mà còn thống trị toàn bộ các chủ đề trò chuyện tại giải Grammy năm nay.Female pop stars not only dominated the fun on the red carpet, but also dominated all conversation topics at this year’s Grammy Awards.

It can be said that the 2024 Grammy Awards is recognized as an award honoring women after many years of “ignoring” female artists. In prestigious categories of top concern such as Album of the Year or Song of the Year, out of the 8 nominated names, up to 7 works belong to female artists. At the same time, according to the statistical list of the most nominated artists at Grammy 2024, women also account for three-quarters.

Professor Kristin Lieb, who specializes in entertainment, music, and gender marketing, shared: “Female pop stars not only dominate the fun on the red carpet, but also dominate all topics. chat at the Grammy Awards. This is an important change. They are increasingly judged on their talent and charisma rather than their appearance or outfits.”

The Grammy Awards took place for the first time in 1959. This is a music award organized by the US National Academy of Arts and Sciences, to honor artists who have made outstanding contributions to the music industry. music. The 66th awards ceremony was hosted by comedian Trevor Noah. This year, three new awards were added including “Outstanding Pop Dance Performance”, “Outstanding African Music Performance” and “Best Alternative Jazz Album”.