Not cooling down after the short film “Candy Necklace” and the effects from “The Eras Tour”, in the past week, Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift both launched new projects. Not only is it a positive signal for fans, but this action also shows the “unlikely” but very characteristic way of two female artists.

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Accordingly, both released their own products as well as a duo collaboration called “Snow on the Beach”, which was previously released on the disc “Midnights”. The reason why the re-recording happened was because the fans of the two artists were extremely eager for Lana Del Rey to sing more, because previously the “Born To Die” singer thought there would be many people attending. Taylor Swift’s project, so I only took on the supporting part.

The new release not only satisfies fans’ wishes, but also comes with a series of other signals. While Lana appeared at the MITA Music Festival in Brazil and “unlocked” the nearly 10-year-old “Say Yes To Heaven”, Taylor also returned with new bonus tracks for the version of “Midnights”. “, as well as introducing the MV “Karma” following the previous successful “Lavender Haze”, “Bejeweled” and “Anti-Hero”.

A hidden decade

Besides the title “Queen of sadness”, “Queen of sadcore”… few people know that Lana Del Rey is also humorously called “Queen of leaked music” by many fans. The reason for this name is because unlike most entertainment stars, in more than a decade of working, there have been more than 200 songs, demos as well as cover versions… of the female artist leaked out. Similar to Taylor Swift’s “(From the Vault)” series, these are songs that were composed for albums but were not used, and have since remained in the shadows until appearing on social networks.


It’s worth mentioning that many of these songs are even more famous than the songs officially released by female artists. These include “TV in Black and White”, “Fine China”, “Queen of Disaster” or “Serial Killer”… Lana is not unaware of this, but she is also quite “powerless” in front of a large number of articles. his song “flying without wings”. However, later on many songs were officially returned to albums, such as “The Next Best American Record” in the disc “Norman F*cking Rockwell!”, “Dealer”, “Cherry Blossom”. ” on the disc “Blue Banister”…

Accordingly, “Say Yes To Heaven” was composed in 2013, originally intended to be released in the second studio album “Ultraviolence” with the main psychedelic rock quality. However, the song was later removed from the official tracklist, moving to other eras such as “Honeymoon”, “Lust for Life”… until finally being released as a separate single. Many fans have also assumed that this is a song that has dozens of remixes, and the version that Lana just released was made by Rick Nowels – the person behind the success of “Honeymoon”, and is also a track that has not yet “made it”. go out.


And although it was “released” more than 5 years ago, the official version of “Say Yes To Heaven” still achieved quite impressive achievements, one of which is that it has attracted nearly 26 million more listens. 2 weeks of release. Before this success, fans are also eagerly waiting to hear more “Queen of Disaster”, as this song was recently deleted and copyrighted on YouTube, similar to “Say Yes To Heaven” before. comes from the female artist’s team.

However, before releasing the album “Norman F*cking Rockwell!”, Lana also revealed in an interview that she was also considering releasing an album full of never-before-seen songs. Even though it’s been a long time, this project still hasn’t appeared. Many people speculate that it is the album “Blue Banister” when many unreleased versions also appear on this record, but Lana’s side has not confirmed its purpose. With the release of “Say Yes To Heaven”, it is likely that Lana’s side will release an upcoming album.

However, Lana is also one of the artists whose albums often leak before the release date. This happens because CDs, vinyl… will be distributed to stores ready for sale, so many locations will open for sale early, causing the album to be leaked before its release. This was also a difficult problem, causing headaches and depression for artists, and in some cases they had to be released earlier than scheduled, like Lady Gaga’s “Joanne” or “Future Nostalgia” by Dua Lipa…

Recently Lana also announced that her work laptop was stolen, containing the new song “Snow On The Beach” and the book that the female singer was writing. Even though she had access to delete remotely (meaning Lana would have to start over from scratch), this song was still posted online. This is a very condemnable action, and fans should have a cool head and listen to the correct release date to respect the artist.

The “capitalist” game

Besides, as a singer and composer of this generation, Taylor Swift is always humorously nicknamed “capitalist girl” by the audience. This not only comes from the fact that she is the daughter of an extremely famous businessman, but Taylor also always knows how to make her fans… “miserable”. Since the duo albums “folklore” and “evermore”, Taylor has often released many physical versions of albums, causing fans who want to collect them to often have to spend a large amount of money.

After 4 colors and 2 versions of the “Midnights” disc since October last year, Taylor recently released two new versions, “(Til Dawn Edition)” and “(Late Night Edition)”, with many songs and tracks not available before. These two new releases will have special tracks, such as Lana Del Rey singing more in “Snow On The Beach” or collaborating for the first time with rapper Ice Spice in the Remix single “Karma”. Two new songs “Hits Difference” and “You’re Losing Me” will also appear, and are considered by many to be the female singer’s new feelings after her 6-year relationship with actor Joe Alwyn.


In “You’re Losing Me,” which only appeared on physical CD editions, Taylor most likely talked about her story when the male character in that song didn’t want to marry her, leading to a disagreement. doubt yourself. This is a topic that has also appeared in previous songs on the “Midnights” disc, and although it is said to be related to the 6-year love affair, both sides have not yet confirmed it or not. is negative in this matter.

In addition to the sad song about broken relationships, Taylor also released the next single – “Karma” from this album. Along with that is a MV with many metaphors, inspired by Greek Mythology. Carrying the look of “Look What You Made Me Do”, the female singer also recreated many images she had tried, from the arrogant lady in “1989”, the villain in “reputation”… to the characteristic curly hairstyle of the debut album, the yellow color of the disc “Fearless” or the purple sand of the disc “Speak Now”…

There we can see Taylor holding the scales of the Goddess Nemesis as if representing the Goddess of Vengeance. Later, the hourglass image also shows another symbol of this god. On the golden road of Oz, Taylor also humorously teased the three gods of death, to show that he had done nothing wrong, and would shine brighter and brighter, like sparkling light bulb filaments. Not only is it a somewhat bold response, “Karma” also conveys a positive and strong message from the female artist after many recent events.