Even though it has entered its second week of release, singer Taylor Swift’s concert film has not cooled down yet. The film has far surpassed its serious competitors in theater systems around the world. Experts commented that it is not natural for this female singer’s film to create such impressive results.

According to statistics from Box Office Mojo, Taylor Swift’s concert film titled The Eras Tour dominated the North American box office last Friday with 10.4 million USD. This is the second consecutive week that this film has ranked first in revenue since its release.

Notably, Taylor Swift’s film beat the cinematic masterpiece Killers of the Flower Moon by the trio of Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro to top the box office.

hinh-anh-25-10-2023-luc-07.05.jpegIn the documentary Eras Tour, the audience gets to see more clearly the special moments during Taylor Swift’s performances.

On opening night, this work earned a revenue of 9.4 million USD and was the 2nd highest film of the week. If calculated in the opening three days, the movie of the “old tree” Hollywood is expected to earn 23 million USD in the North American market.

The second week, the revenue that The Eras Tour brought in decreased by about 72% compared to the first week. The film may also face a sharper decline as American audiences tend to prioritize weekend trips when the end of the year arrives, instead of going to the cinema.

However, surpassing the $100 million mark in revenue for a concert film is extremely surprising. By comparison, this year, only 18 films did this.

The Eras Tour is also the highest-grossing concert film in the US. Taylor Swift broke this record after just one week of release. Previously, this record belonged to Justin Bieber’s concert film Never Say Never in 2011.

During her nearly two-decade career, Taylor Swift has sold more than 200 million albums, won 12 Grammy awards and has a “huge” fortune.

hinh-anh-25-10-2023-luc-07.04.jpegTaylor Swift fans stood up, danced and sang along in a theater in the US. (Photo: The Hollywood Reporter)

Of course, maybe the name Taylor Swift alone creates a huge attraction for concert films. However, the female singer’s extremely smart decisions in her marketing strategy have helped her achieve the resounding success she has today.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Taylor Swift understands the importance of appreciating her customers, who are also her fans. She knows how to reach fans through social networking platforms, from Myspace, Tumblr to Instagram and TikTok.

These platforms help her reach fans faster than traditional radio, while also bringing her music products to the public.

media.jpegTaylor Swift’s marketing strategies are extremely effective

The same goes for Taylor Swift’s concert film. Filmmaker Emma Thomas and talented director Christopher Nolan mentioned the decision to release Taylor Swift’s concert film directly with the AMC theater chain, instead of through distributors. Accordingly, he believes that this is a step of great value in the current context.

“Her concert film is shown directly in theaters instead of through distributors and it will make a huge amount of money. This is the problem, this is a format, this is a way of seeing and dividing Sharing stories or experiences is extremely valuable. If the studios don’t do it, someone else will, that’s the truth!”, said the owner of the work Oppenheimer.

By bypassing major distributors and signing a direct contract with the AMC cinema chain, Taylor Swift will receive 57% of theatrical revenue. This amount will normally belong to the distributor.

hinh-anh-25-10-2023-luc-07.04(1).jpegNolan gave many compliments to Taylor Swift

Not only Christopher Nolan, even the CEO of Fathom Events – Ray Nutts – also said that the decision to release The Eras Tour directly in theaters will change the future of cinema.

“Our phones are ringing non-stop from content providers. They ask, can we really do anything other than show movies in traditional theaters?”, he shared. “Honestly, after being in this industry for so long, when you achieve something this big, it translates into good things.”