In her latest album, Taylor Swift does not hesitate to write about her own shame and “self-loathing”.

After releasing her new album titled Midnights, Taylor Swift had an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. In it, the female singer born in 1989 shared how she (successfully) turned her pain into hits with thousands of listeners.

“I think you can write songs based on pain, sadness, loss and things you’ve gone through in life. I also like to write about shame,” Taylor Swift shared.

“I also continue to write about how much I hate myself,” the singer continued, “As time goes on and the number of albums I’m releasing increases, I feel that Writing music is like a way for me to suck the poison out of the snakebite.”

Taylor Swift và cách biến nỗi đau thành những ca khúc hit - Ảnh 1.

(Photo: Taylor Swift)

If in the first albums of her career, the Love Story vocalist liked to compose alone, then in Midnights, the female singer decided to collaborate with colleagues in the music industry. Taylor also admitted that although Midnights was a “dark” album, the time creating the album was extremely fun working with other artists.

“I love doing things with my friends. I think it’s an important experience when the project makes you proud. In the end, this project made me realize how proud I am “, Taylor Swift added.

At the present time, Midnights is still the most discussed and noticed album. With this positive situation, Taylor Swift’s new album can completely become the album with “huge” sales of 2022.