Netizens were “shocked” when a tent in Singapore (at the time of the Taylor Swift live show) cost 4.5 million VND/night.

Thương vụ Taylor Swift, Singapore tài trợ vài triệu nhưng thu lại hơn 0,5 tỉ USD- Ảnh 1.
Taylor Swift deal, Singapore makes money


According to Thanh Thanh Huyen, on this trip, she spent about 22 million VND on concert tickets for 2 people and 12 million VND/night staying at a hotel in the center of Orchard. In addition, the female MC had to spend additional money. for air tickets (7 million VND/person), meals…

Taylor Swift has 6 shows in Singapore (including March 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9) as part of The Eras Tour – the famous concert series of the “country music princess”. Singapore is the American star’s only stop in Southeast Asia.

Each of Taylor Swift’s shows in Singapore is expected to have more than 50,000 spectators attending. Ticket prices range from 108 to 1,228 USD/ticket (equivalent to 2.6-30 million VND/ticket). According to Strait Times, organizers tightened security at the National Stadium after audiences reported pushing and shoving in line at Taylor Swift’s concert in the early days of the tour.

The Straits Times reported that economists estimate the Singapore economy’s tourism revenue will increase by up to $500 million after the six shows. The expected economic benefits brought to Singapore from Taylor Swift’s concerts are estimated to far exceed the scale that the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) sponsors.

Refusing to disclose the sponsorship terms and accompanying conditions, Mr. Edwin Tong (Singapore’s Minister of Culture) said that in February 2023, the Singapore Minister of Culture and a number of senior officials personally flew Going to America to invite Taylor Swift to perform exclusively. “We saw the opportunity, negotiated quickly and completed the deal neatly” – Mr. Edwin Tong said.

“I can vouch for the economic benefits to Singapore beyond the scale of the grant, and point to economic benefits including increased tourist arrivals, spending on tickets, flights, accommodation in hotels and services such as entertainment, retail and dining in the Lion Island” – he added.

Thương vụ Taylor Swift, Singapore tài trợ vài triệu nhưng thu lại hơn 0,5 tỉ USD- Ảnh 2.
Taylor Swift fans flocked from many countries

And what Mr. Edwin Tong predicted was completely true. At this time, even a tent in Singapore is rented for 4.5 million VND/night. Of course, convenient accommodations are scarce or even sold out.

Singapore’s Culture Minister revealed that the exclusive contract has a confidentiality agreement and has taken evaluation measures. Mr Tong said the Government has various considerations for funding events, as well as the terms and structure of those grants, taking into account Singapore’s overall needs and objectives. .

The Taylor Swift deal clearly helped Singapore make money. And this deal more or less caused them to be criticized elsewhere in the ASEAN region. Philippine Congressman Joey Salceda asked the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs to oppose this agreement. “This is not something good neighbors can do,” Mr. Salceda said, warning that the lion island nation’s move would be detrimental to diplomatic relations with Manila.

More than finance is Singapore’s reputation

Thương vụ Taylor Swift, Singapore tài trợ vài triệu nhưng thu lại hơn 0,5 tỉ USD- Ảnh 3.

More than finance, Singapore positions itself

In response to criticism that the negotiation with Taylor Swift to give Singapore the exclusive right to organize 6 shows of the Eras Tour in Southeast Asia has weakened the spirit of cooperation in ASEAN, at the press conference after the Leadership Conference The 9th annual Singapore – Australia meeting in Melbourne (Australia) on March 5, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong affirmed: “The agreement was reached and it turned out to be a very successful deal. I don’t see that as unfriendly”. The Prime Minister said that it is common sense for a country to make agreements to help develop its economy, not just Singapore.

He added that the incentives for the pop superstar were from Singapore’s Tourism Development Fund to revive the industry after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“If that is what needs to be done to achieve a win-win outcome – and from Singapore’s perspective, that would not only help grow the economy but also attract visitors and goodwill from across the region – I don’t see why not… If we hadn’t made such arrangements, would she have gone to one or more other places in Southeast Asia? Probably not. These are the things she will decide” – he emphasized.

Thương vụ Taylor Swift, Singapore tài trợ vài triệu nhưng thu lại hơn 0,5 tỉ USD- Ảnh 4.
Singapore’s Taylor Swift deal even caused politicians from neighboring countries to speak up

In addition to economic and tourism benefits, Singapore’s leaders believe that being able to host A-list artists like Taylor Swift will help position Singapore as a cultural center in Southeast Asia, a place capable of hosting a variety of genres. Art forms ranging from musical and cultural events as well as sporting events.

“This helps brand Singapore as a fun, vibrant destination. Singapore faces stiff regional competition for these concerts and we will need to continue to invest in facilities infrastructure to continue to attract major entertainment events” – Singapore’s Minister of Culture said.

Thương vụ Taylor Swift, Singapore tài trợ vài triệu nhưng thu lại hơn 0,5 tỉ USD- Ảnh 5.
Asian stars were also present to watch the show

Meanwhile, for Taylor Swift, she chose Singapore as the place to hold the tour because this place holds many family memories. Before the Eras Tour, Taylor chose Singapore as the stop of the Speak Now world tour more than 10 years ago.

In a promotional interview in 2010, she shared: “My mother often tells me wonderful stories about Singapore so I always want to come. She will join me because she wants to come back to see all the places.” She used to know. She said this place was wonderful.”