On April 9, country music star Taylor Swift shared her sadness with fans when she learned that her mother had cancer. At the same time, she advised everyone to pay more attention to their parents.

Taylor Swift shared about her sadness when receiving the news that her mother was diagnosed with cancer on the social network Tumblr

Taylor has always been cared for and supported by her mother, 57-year-old Andrea, on her career path. The country music princess once proudly talked about her mother: “My mother is like a good friend, always by my side when needed. I was isolated when I was in high school and she was my best friend.” during that period”.

Ms. Andrea is always by her side and supports Taylor Swift’s career

Below is the entire letter shared by Taylor Swift:

“Hello friends,

I write these lines to share with you information that I wish was not true. However, this is extremely important and I have gotten used to sharing things that are meaningful to me with my fans. Usually when something happens, I’ll write it into a song and you’ll hear it some time later. However, this time, my family and I agreed to share this information with you right now.

Last Christmas, I asked my mother for a gift, which was to have a general health check-up. Mom agreed and went to check. Before that, my mother had no worrying signs and was completely healthy, making my younger brother and I never think of a bad situation. However, I am very sad to tell you that my mother was diagnosed with cancer.

I really want to keep all the information about my mother’s condition and treatment plan private, but she wants to let you know because your parents may be too busy and don’t have time to go for a medical check. You should remind them to get checked to detect diseases as early as possible and treat them more easily. If not, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that everyone in the family is healthy. My mother wants you to understand why she won’t be by my side to support me in the upcoming shows. She still has to fight this evil disease.

Thank you for your concern for our family.

I hope and pray that your family does not have to receive bad news like this.

Love you guys,


Taylor Swift once wrote the song The Best Day dedicated to her mother.