Who would have known that fashionistas often use Taylor Swift as an example of the magic of red lipstick.

“Red” is not only the name of Taylor Swift’s 4th album, but this is also the color that was born just for her. Red suits Taylor Swift so much that every time she combines red lipstick with a gorgeous evening outfit, the whole room will shine with pride, and the press will have the opportunity to type in comments. But few people know that Taylor Swift never had the opportunity to wear red lipstick.

The Yahoo! Life says, Taylor Swift once had to overcome “human hurdles” just to wear her favorite lipstick color. In 2009, when she first released her album “Fearless” and promoted her first large-scale show, Taylor focused on building her image, specifically investing in everything from outfits to lipstick color. Gucci Westman – founder of the beauty brand Westman Atelier, admitted that he helped Taylor knock on the door to the magical world of red lipstick.

Taylor Swift từng bị mẹ cấm đánh son đỏ - Ảnh 1.

Taylor Swift before 2009: Pure and innocent with pale lipstick, sometimes less bright

“I have worked with Taylor Swift many times. I can say I was the first person to color her red,” Gucci Westman shared with Elle Australia. The makeup artist still vividly remembers a photo shoot for Allure magazine in 2009, when she had to fight with Taylor Swift’s mother just to have the right to choose the lipstick color she wanted. At that time, Taylor Swift had never worn red lipstick because her mother forbade it. The singer’s manager also firmly refused Gucci Westman’s offer, to the point where she almost had to order: “Taylor Swift must wear red lipstick!”.

And the “liver contest” had its final result with victory in favor of the brave female makeup artist. Gucci Westman gave Taylor Swift a look similar to Hollywood stars with smooth skin, a fresh and powerful mouth and vibrant red lipstick. Lilac blush, brown eye shadow and black mascara for thick eyelashes are indispensable requirements for the photo shoot.

Taylor Swift từng bị mẹ cấm đánh son đỏ - Ảnh 2.

The results have exceeded expectations. Taylor Swift creates a media explosion, while red lipstick brands freely “pick up money”

Since the memorable photo shoot, Taylor Swift has gradually shown a strong love for red lipstick. Gucci Westman gave the singer a red lipstick as a souvenir and encouraged her to explore her own style. Right at the “Fearless” tour the same year, Taylor Swift made a statement in music as well as gave this lipstick color the opportunity to “debut” to the public.

Taylor Swift từng bị mẹ cấm đánh son đỏ - Ảnh 3.

Taylor Swift is independent and arrogant in red lipstick at the “Fearless” tour in 2009

It is impossible to deny the influence of this fateful lipstick color change. Brands such as Revlon, Makeup For Ever, Nars,… continuously release a series of different versions of red lipstick to satisfy the steadily increasing purchasing power. Success is when people mention the mysterious appeal of red lipstick, they go to Google and use Taylor Swift’s image as an illustration.

Taylor Swift từng bị mẹ cấm đánh son đỏ - Ảnh 4.

Red lipstick accompanies Taylor Swift in countless events, flexibly transforming with her into all different fashion styles


Red lipstick is an indispensable “spice” in every of her speeches.

Red lipstick appears throughout the album “1989”, in the songs “Blank Space”, “Wildest Dreams”, “Style”… or in the female singer’s media products. Most recently, she mentioned the red lips in “Maroon” – the second track on the album “Midnights”. Taylor Swift has succeeded in creating an excellent transformation from a country music “muse” to a seductive and powerful beauty. From a 19-year-old girl whose mother forbade her from wearing flashy makeup, she turned red lipstick – a lipstick color for everyone – into a symbol of her own.