The New York City Department of Sanitation sent complaints to Taylor Swift 32 times, with a total fine of up to 3,010 USD. She is the person who receives the most tickets among the residents living in the building.

According to Page Six, the New York City Department of Sanitation just sent a ticket to Taylor Swift. Since buying the townhouse at 153 Franklin St. in Tribeca in October 2017 for $18 million, the female singer was fined 32 times, a total of $3,010 for not keeping the sidewalk in front of her house clean.

The news site said that the female singer’s lawyer team spent time and effort fighting the fines despite owning assets of up to 570 million USD. She even tried not to pay the latest fine of 200 USD.

From January 2018 to January 2023, sanitation inspectors accused Taylor Swift of not cleaning the area in front of the building and improperly disposing of trash. Since buying the townhouse, Taylor Swift has received the most tickets of any house in the area.

Taylor Swift bị cho là cố gắng né số tiền phạt vệ sinh.

Taylor Swift was allegedly trying to avoid the cleaning fine.

“Over the years, there has been a lot of dirt on the sidewalks, piles of newspapers, bottles and cardboard, napkins and wrappers, and even cigarette smoke,” the summons stated.

A passerby told the New York Post that the singer did not care about cleaning up trash in front of the sidewalk, saying it was not her duty. Many cigarette butts are scattered across the townhouse. “I think she’s focusing more on her million-dollar tour,” this person said.

After Taylor Swift bought the townhouse, she turned it into a private entrance to a large penthouse apartment next door at 155 Franklin St., where she spent nearly $30 million on three apartments.

While the two buildings received citations, the condominium association at 155 Franklin St. Responsible for maintaining the area in front of the building. Taylor Swift should have been responsible for keeping the space in front of the townhouse clean.

Fans of the female singer defend their idol’s reputation, blaming paparazzi, whose fans often stand in front of Taylor Swift’s house. “Certainly fans wait and smoke when they’re bored. She obviously never smokes,” said Christine O’Connor, 33 years old.

David Aldea, Taylor Swift’s one-time landlord, said: “Swift was the perfect tenant the whole time and was so sweet. There’s only so much positive to say about her,” this person said.