The man who made the famous female billionaire fall in love with her and never let go.

Page Six said that a source close to the famous female billionaire, Taylor Swift, revealed that she and her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, plan to get engaged this summer, around July 2024.

Some sources said that the couple delayed their engagement during the recent winter break because “they didn’t want things to become too rushed”. “Taylor and Travis have discussed this issue. They already have a specific plan,” the source confirmed.

The couple first appeared together publicly last September when the famous singer came to watch her boyfriend play at Arrowhead Stadium. Since then, the couple has been together many times and appeared romantically together. They became each other’s companions in work and life.

Taylor Swift là nữ tỷ phú đình đám trong làng nhạc.


Taylor Swift is a famous female billionaire in the music industry.

Cô được cho là sắp đính hôn với cầu thủ bóng bầu dục nổi tiếng.

She is said to be engaged to a famous rugby player.

At the end of 2023, singer Taylor Swift was voted by Forbes as the 5th most powerful woman in the world and the most powerful woman in the entertainment industry. In October last year, she officially became a billionaire thanks to the success of her tour “The Eras Tour”. According to Forbes, her tour helped the US economy increase by more than 5 billion USD.

She became the first female billionaire to make money entirely from music, which shows Taylor Swift’s top talent and huge appeal worldwide. The beauty of the music industry began composing when she was only 16 years old and currently owns a huge musical fortune. In addition, she also makes a lot of money from tours, documentaries and real estate investments.

Talented, beautiful and rich, the man who made Taylor Swift fall in love so passionately was also not ordinary. So who is Travis Kelce that has the heart of a powerful female billionaire?

Travis Kelce có ngoại hình nổi bật và tài giỏi.

Travis Kelce has outstanding appearance and talent.

Travis Kelce (34 years old) is an American football star, currently playing for the Kansas City Chiefs team in the NFL. Travis Kelce has an estimated net worth of about $40 million. In addition to earning millions in bonuses, he also invests in various businesses. This man also has his own business brand in fashion and nutrition.

He owns a remarkable car collection including Aston Martin Vanquish, Mercedes-AMG G63, Land Rover, Rolls-Royce Phantom… The female billionaire’s boyfriend is also famous for his trendy dressing style. Whatever Travis Kelce spends on his clothes doesn’t come cheap. One of the brands this man likes to wear is Frère, an Italian tailor whose ready-to-wear suits usually start at around $5,000 USD (more than 120 million VND).

Anh có phong cách ăn mặc sành điệu.

He has a stylish dressing style.

It is known that he was the one who actively connected with Taylor Swift. Before that, when he went to see the female singer’s performance, he left his phone number on the bracelet at the event with the intention of giving it to the beauty but failed. After he revealed this in a podcast, the two contacted each other.

Even though the couple is both busy with their own schedules, Taylor and Travis Kelce still try to arrange to spend romantic time together. They freely express their feelings in public, giving compliments to their loved ones. In particular, the couple publicly supported each other’s careers. Taylor many times came to watch her boyfriend compete, and she also spent time meeting and interacting with her boyfriend’s family. Travis Kelce is also always there to encourage and share with his girlfriend after each of her performances.

Nữ ca sĩ nhiều lần đến xem bạn trai thi đấu và cổ vũ nhiệt tình.

The female singer many times came to watch her boyfriend compete and cheered enthusiastically.

As for Taylor’s friends, many people spoke up to support and bless the couple’s love. Even Taylor’s ex-boyfriend and current friend, actor Taylor Lautner, also spoke out in support of the singer: “They seem to be extremely happy. Just seeing her happy makes me happy.” “.