I cried a lot and felt like I was there’
From the city of Bendigo (Victoria, Australia), Damien and his two daughters, Daisy (14 years old) and Summer (11 years old), attentively watched the livestream blog of the pop star’s The Eras Tour show. Taylor Swift.

This is how those lucky enough to own tickets for the show in Melbourne help those at home to indirectly immerse themselves in the exciting atmosphere.

“I cried a lot and felt like I was there,” he expressed in an email after reading Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen’s review of the show.

When the whole family admires the same person

Damien’s family has been Swifties (Taylor Swift fan community – PV) for more than a decade, since first listening to her music while living in America.

“I started listening to Shake It Off in the car. My children were very young at the time – Daisy was 4 years old and Summer was just under 2 years old. However, we have learned about Taylor since then and she gradually became part of the family as my children grew up,” Damien recalls.

Even though the family lives about 150 km from where The Eras Tour takes place, the idol’s attraction has never “cooled off” for them. The members work together to make friendship bracelets, prepare performance costumes and organize music parties whenever Taylor releases a new album.

In particular, Damien wore a T-shirt that read “#SwiftieDad,” making him one of the 29% of Australian dads who are fans of Taylor Swift, according to new research from Spotify.



Taylor Swift anh 1


Damien and his two daughters. Photo: NVCC.

This father also tried his best to let his two daughters see Taylor perform live. “Taylor is the best artist of our time – just like Elvis or The Beatles. My children need to see that. We missed our chance in Australia but then I secretly booked tickets to go on sale before Christmas.” Born last year for one of her performances in Singapore,” Damien said excitedly.

On Christmas day 2023, Daisy and Summer find postcards that appear to have been written by Taylor. Each panel is a speech bubble leading to an important announcement. Even though the two girls accidentally distorted what their father Damien wanted to convey, tears flowed at that moment.

Watching so many pop music phenomena reach their peak and then fade away, Damien believes even more that Taylor Swift is truly different. “She is a great role model who has positively impacted my family,” he affirmed.

Summer and Daisy also agreed: “She is generous and kind to her fans and others. She always learns to be grateful and behave well.”

Meanwhile, in Canberra city, single mother Belle with two daughters, Billie (8 years old) and Kit (11 years old), shared: “We often find Taylor’s new songs and share them with each other.” . Billie also hung posters of Taylor in her room, showing how great her influence is. We even learned to be ‘brave like Taylor’ when we were denied admission. I think Taylor has become a role model for feminism, while also bringing music for all ages.”



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Kerrie and her daughter participated in their idol’s show. Photo: NVCC.

Another single mother, Kerrie (living in Brisbane) said her 12-year-old daughter Vivian was overwhelmed when she won the bargain tickets and was even more excited when her mother agreed to wear the costume. “tone-sur-tone” outfit to participate in an idol’s show.

And Ala’s 7-year-old daughter Zadie (living in Sydney, New South Wales) seems “obsessed” with Taylor Swift’s role model. They’re going to see one of her shows this week. In particular, Zadie is an emerging child singer and recently placed 2nd in the school’s talent contest. It was the pop star who brought her to her dream of singing.

“We love music and often sing along to Taylor Swift while I drive or do the dishes, sometimes with the ukulele. Even my 3-year-old daughter Aurelia knows a lot of the lyrics before she speaks them fluently.” “, Ala said.

The healing power of music

For Kat and her 11-year-old daughter Zoe (living in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia), Taylor Swift holds a special place in their lives.

Kat grew up listening to Taylor’s music and is only 2 years older than the pop star. Now, her daughter Zoe is an even more special Swiftie: she has a rare form of kidney disease and had eight surgeries spanning from 2017 to 2018. Listening to Taylor’s voice plays important role in the girl’s recovery process.




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Mother and daughter Kat and Zoe found common ground in music. Photo: NVCC.

“When Zoe was unwell and we understood the hospital was not the best place for children, I chose to turn on the music and hum along, encouraging her to move. As people who have nothing in common with our parents, my daughter and I now love the same person, thereby contributing to strengthening our relationship,” Kat expressed.

Kat said Zoe is currently actively participating in treatment, even though she will likely have the disease for the rest of her life. What’s important is that Zoe is empowered by Taylor’s music to continue facing adversity.

In London (UK), Rachel, a Taylor Swift fan in her twenties, affirmed that the singer connected her and her parents who are over 60 years old. “After a heated argument, I gave Taylor’s song The Best Day to my mom and it significantly helped mend our relationship by reminding her how much I loved her. When the whole family sat in the car, we together felt the message conveyed through the lyrics, that I appreciate what they did for me during my childhood,” she said.