Other aspects of Taylor, whether through songs, speeches on stage or personal shares, have strong viral power.


Since entering the professional singing career, Taylor Swift has been implicated in hundreds of large and small lawsuits. So what has made her stand firm in the entertainment industry for the past decade? In a video called 73 Questions, part of an interview program conducted by Vogue magazine, the star of the song “Blank Space” revealed this secret.

Taylor Swift advises hiring a good lawyer if someone wants to become a singer.

In this video, Swift shares a lot of information about her life, notably the following details: When asked, “Do you have any advice for those who want to become singers?”. The female singer did not hesitate to answer: “Remember to hire a good lawyer.” The saying is truly “ingenious and profound”.

Last year, Taylor Swift was involved in a series of lawsuits. The shocking thing was that she won a lawsuit against a DJ who allegedly “groped the pop star’s lower body” 4 years ago. Taylor Swift’s lawyer at that time, Douglas Baldridge, played a huge role in the lawsuit that she fought for a long time in return for only a compensation of… 1 USD.

The lawsuit against DJ Taylor Swift for groping her attracted public attention.

The singer was also accused of plagiarizing the lyrics of the song “Playas Gon’ Play”.

Recently, Taylor Swift continued to be involved in a lawsuit for illegally using the mobile application name “The Swift Life” for her mobile application since December 2017. And before that, the “country music princess” appeared in court because her song “Shake It Off” was accused of plagiarizing the lyrics of “Playas Gon’ Play.” However, the US Court judge declared that she won the case because the evidence presented was not convincing.

Currently, Taylor Swift is one of the singers who has a great influence on music, the entertainment industry and social activities. The halo that came so early made it inevitable for her to avoid criticism. However, through each event, she always shows everyone the maturity and maturity of a professional artist.