Although she is a singer with a record number of fans, Taylor Swift also causes enmity with many colleagues in Hollywood.

Taylor Swift is a quite friendly and sociable singer. She has many famous friends, and even has a sisterhood full of famous models.

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Taylor Swift has made enemies with quite a few people

But that doesn’t mean Taylor is popular with everyone. The female singer has just gone through a period when many of her colleagues “turned their backs” on her after being accused by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian of living a fake life.

The accusation and video evidence from the Kim family were like a bomb, causing those who had a grudge against Taylor to speak up.

Katy Perry

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry were once very close friends. The two have appeared together at many award ceremonies with happy harmony. However, one day that love was broken.

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The two used to be very close to each other

Taylor Swift released the song Bad Blood, and hinted that she wrote the song for a colleague who tried to sabotage her tour. The person targeted by Taylor was none other than Katy Perry, because Katy hired 3 of Taylor’s dancers while Taylor’s tour was still in progress. This made Taylor feel betrayed and Katy intentionally sabotaged her work.

Not stopping at writing a song, Taylor Swift also choreographed an epic MV for Bad Blood with the participation of many famous celebrities. This action caused Katy Perry to “bury” all the feelings between the two and often “kick” Taylor on Twitter.

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Taylor made an epic MV to “slag” her old friend

Most recently, when Calvin Harris criticized Taylor online, he said that his ex-girlfriend was trying to find someone new to “bury” like Katy in the past. Female singer Dark Horse also responded poignantly with an animated photo of Hillary Clinton’s “not very shocking” expression, adding the quote: “Time will tell the final truth.”

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian couple

The feud between Kanye West and Taylor Swift originated at the 2009 VMAs when the black rapper grabbed Taylor’s mic while she was receiving the award, shouting into the mic that the award was more worthy of being given to Beyonce. Needless to say, this action of Kanye West offended the blonde singer and many years later, people still recall Taylor as a victim of Kanye West.

After the above incident, Kanye West tried to make up with Taylor and the female singer also accepted that. Taylor spent many photos on her Instagram talking about Kanye West, even showing off the giant bouquet of roses the rapper bought for her.

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Taylor Swift had her mic stolen by Kanye West right on stage while receiving an award

But this feeling did not last long. In February of this year, Kanye West suddenly released the song Famous, which used profanity and claimed that he helped Taylor become famous.

Taylor affirmed that she was not asked for her opinion on the song’s lyrics, while Kanye West said he told Taylor what he intended to sing and she was completely happy with this. Things got even more heated when Kanye West’s wife Kim Kardashian posted a video showing that Kanye actually called Taylor to ask her opinion on the lyrics of the song Famous.

This video made Taylor immediately “turned on” by the whole world, and criticized the country music princess for living a fake life, always playing the victim.

Ex-boyfriend group

Taylor Swift has a pretty cool “hobby” of writing songs about her ex-boyfriends after breaking up. Most of Taylor’s songs turn her ex-boyfriend into a very bad person and she is the victim of every love affair.

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John Mayer was singled out by Taylor for the song “Dear John”

The person who was most upset when Taylor Swift wrote music for her was John Mayer. He was singled out by Taylor for the song Dear John which included lyrics like: “Don’t you think I’m still too young to joke around like that? The girl in the dress had to cry all the way home. I should have known.”

John told Rolling Stone magazine that he felt humiliated after Taylor’s song: “It made me feel bad, because I didn’t deserve to write a song like that. I was willing to accept responsibility, and I have never done anything to deserve writing music like that. Her work is terrible.”

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Calvin Harris feels like he’s being cuckolded by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s most recent ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris, also publicly criticized Taylor for trying to make him look bad in the eyes of his fans. Taylor hinted that Calvin Harris did not respect her efforts and hid the fact that she composed the song This Is What You Came For – one of Calvin Harris’s most successful hits today. However, it was Taylor who requested anonymity first because he did not want the audience to be interested in the song just because of his reputation.

Not only that, just 2 weeks after breaking up with Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift quickly revealed photos locking lips with her new boyfriend. This makes the DJ feel like he is being cheated on.