Famous for her bold fashion choices on the red carpet, Lady Gaga seemed to be lacking something in her latest outfit at the Songwriters Hall Of Fame event. The 29-year-old singer turned heads with a daring look at the 46th Annual Induction and Awards in New York City.

Did you miss it? Lady Gaga turned heads with her revealing outfit as she made her entrance at the Songwriters Hall Of Fame 46th Annual Induction and Awards in New York City last Thursday.

Dazzling in crimson: The 29-year-old celebrity certainly caught everyone’s eye at the gathering hosted at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square. She made a bold fashion statement by opting not to wear a dress at the prestigious event where she was receiving the inaugural Contemporary Icon Award. The talented singer chose to wear a striking red velvet jacket resembling a robe by Hollywood Savage Society, accentuated with black trimmings on the lapel, pockets, and sleeves. The top was left unbuttoned, revealing her choice of undergarments underneath. Lady Gaga paired the jacket with a sleek black leather bralette, matching black panties, and edgy ripped black stockings for a daring and fashion-forward ensemble.

Flaunting her style: She sported a vibrant red jacket from Hollywood Savage Society, complete with sleek black accents. The jacket was left unbuttoned, giving a peek at her edgy black leather bralette, mesh tights, and torn stockings.

Peace completed her look with a stylish pair of platform black leather buckle boots and accessorized with unique circular shades that resembled goggles worn by a mad scientist.

The singer of “Born This Way” surely made a statement with her bold outfit as she strutted through the bustling streets of New York City on her way to the event.

What a sight to behold: A group of excited fans gathered eagerly to catch a glimpse of the renowned Born This Way sensation, who seemed to navigate through the crowd while avoiding an oncoming car.

Fans showing their admiration: A group of fans eagerly took out their phones to capture a moment with the singer.

Title: Unique Recognition for Singer with Contemporary Icon Award The recipient of the inaugural Contemporary Icon Award was celebrated at the event. The partner of Taylor Kinney paired the look with black leather buckle boots and quirky circular sunglasses, resembling goggles worn by a mad scientist. Her platinum blonde hair was styled with a middle part, and she opted for neutral makeup. Carly Rae Jepsen was also present as one of the hosts for the evening, showcasing her fashion sense in a black dress embellished with mesh and floral details. The 29-year-old singer, known for her hit “Call Me Maybe,” accessorized with a black leather clutch and matching open-toe booties.

You can reach me by my name: Carly Rae Jepsen appeared sophisticated in a chic black outfit with lace and floral embellishments.

Crossing different age groups: The 29-year-old musician took a photo with Cyndi Lauper at the event.

All she really cared about was having a good time: With her vibrant pink hair, the 51-year-old singer stood out as she received recognition at the event’s celebrations.

All loved up at the event was Linda Perry, who was celebrated alongside her actress wife Sara Gilbert.

The inseparable couple strolled hand in hand down the red carpet, showcasing their love for all to see. Her dark, shoulder-length hair cascaded down, with her bangs skimming just above her eyebrows, complemented by a touch of pink lipstick to complete her makeup look. The Songwriters Hall of Fame dedicates itself to recognizing, safeguarding, and commemorating the lasting impact of exceptional songwriters who have enhanced the global culture. Among those honored at the ceremony were legends such as Bobby Braddock, Willie Dixon, Robert Hunter & Jerry Garcia, Toby Keith, Cyndi Lauper, and Linda Perry.

Country singer Toby Keith was honored with an induction into the Hall of Fame, where he was accompanied by his wife, Tricia Lucas.

Blonde ambition: Jennifer Nettles flaunted her slim physique in a form-fitting black outfit.

Rocking the signature black look, Richie Sambora was spotted at the event decked out in a predominantly dark outfit.

He owns his style: The 55-year-old guitar player sported a cool black leather jacket paired with a casually unbuttoned shirt, sleek black wax jeans, and trendy leopard print boots.

One iconic moment was when Paul Williams made a grand entrance at the red carpet gala, dressed in a sharp black suit.

Skilled: The 74-year-old musician was joined by Tracey Jackson, a multi-talented author, director, and producer.