Lady Gaga once asked her fans to not have s*x as she was practising celibacy as well. Here’s how she explained it…

When Lady Gaga Told Her Fans To Avoid S*x & If They Were Ready For It, They Could Get Condoms At Her Concert

When Lady Asked Her Fans To Not Have S*x & Revealed That She Was Celibate ( Photo Credit – Instagram )
Lady Gaga is anything but conventional. A marshmallow at heart and cutthroat with her words, the diva knows how to slay, and she does it with sass. The world knows her fondness for her fans, whom she loves dearly.

The singer has always motivated her folks to be themselves and embrace their quirks. But once, the lady decided to advise them on something that totally did not sound like her. She asked them to not have s*x! Scroll on to understand why.

The singer has often talked about her s*xuality and encouraged people who have a hard time accepting themselves. She has been an icon for them and for all the right reasons. So, what made her once motivate her fans to avoid s*x?

It so happens that Lady Gaga wanted her fans to understand that there was more to life than s*x, and it’s not a compulsion to stay cool and relevant in society. While talking to DailyMail once, she said, “I can’t believe I’m saying this — don’t have s*x. I’m single right now, and I’ve chosen to be single because I don’t have the time to get to know anybody. So it’s OK not to have s*x, it’s OK to get to know people. I’m celibate, celibacy’s fine.”

She repeated to her ‘Little Monsters’ that they should be comfortable in their own skin and not think about others before making a big decision in their lives. “It’s OK to be whomever it is that you want to be. You don’t have to have s*x to feel good about yourself, and if you’re not ready, don’t do it. And if you are ready, there are free condoms given away at my concerts when you’re leaving!” Lady Gaga said.

The House Of Gucci actress added, “I remember the cool girls when I was growing up. Everyone started to have s*x. But it’s not really cool anymore to have s*x all the time. It’s cooler to be strong and independent.”