Shifting from one genre of filmmaking to another is a tall order, especially when you are quite familiar with it, and finding success is even harder when you try to start from scratch.

But Liam Neeson is one of those few exceptions, who despite being popular for his dramatic performances, shifted his gears to transition into the action genre, and found even more success than before.

"What an idiot": Liam Neeson Felt Humiliated After George Lucas Asked To Stop Making Lightsaber Noise In Star Wars Action Scenes

Showing his dynamic appeal as an actor through this transition of genres, the star made it clear that he can take on any role they can throw at him, and can go above and beyond, even when it is not required by him.

In a very hilarious and embarrassing instance, while he was on the sets of Star Wars with George Lucas, he thought that he was the one who should make the noises of the lightsabers, not knowing any better.

Liam Neeson

iam Neeson Embarrassed Himself In Front Of George Lucas By Making Lightsaber Noises


Liam Neeson as Qui-Gon Jinn in a still from Star Wars Episode I- The Phantom Menace

Liam Neeson as Qui-Gon Jinn in a still from Star Wars Episode I- The Phantom Menace

Most popular for his high-stakes action flicks like the iconic Taken franchise along with his appearances as an absolutely bada*s in various films throughout his career, Liam Neeson has created a persona of a lethal man with a lethal plan, both in the film industry as well as in the eyes of the public.

But just like everyone else, he too is a human being, which means he makes mistakes. And this time, he made one that embarrassed him to high heaven. During the shooting of Star Wars Episode I- The Phantom Menace, he didn’t know he shouldn’t make lightsaber noises.

In an episode of Conan O’Brien’s podcast, the Schindler’s List star was talking about how he and his co-star Ewan McGregor were preparing themselves to shoot a scene with the iconic lightsabers with George Lucas directing their shot.

And as soon as he gave the order to start, they both started swinging their blades. But what both of them also did was make the sounds of lightsaber swings from their mouths, something that wasn’t required of them. Lucas had to halt the rolling camera and clarify that the sounds would be added in post-production, which made his face burn. He said:

“The first time we had to wield them and have a fight, the two of us, when they shouted action, automatically [Swinging lightsaber sound]. George said, ‘OK, we’ll cut here. Guys, we’ll add that later. We said, ‘Sure, sure, we knew that’. What an idiot,”

While this was indeed a very mortifying experience, the results of their performances at the end were just as exceptional as people had hoped for

What Was The Phantom Menace About?

A still from Star Wars Episode I- The Phantom Menace

Taking the audience back to the time before the arrival of lord Darth Vader into the ranks of the imperial army, Star Wars Episode I- The Phantom Menace tells the story of a young Obi-Wan Kenobi, who is studying the arts of the Jedi Knights and learning the ways of The Force under his master Qui-Gon Jinn along with a very young Anakin Skywalker beside him.

This origin story tells of the time when all trade routes of the galaxy were shut off for the planet of Naboo, and he, along with his master had to go settle the matter on their own, no matter the cost.