Liam Neeson is no stranger to being interviewed often. As a famous celebrity, being interviewed on talk shows, for magazines, or otherwise is rather common.

Liam Neeson Slammed Talk Show Host for Talking about "Childhood Crushes" to Avoid Heated Debates

However, an unfortunate reality is that these interviews can often get uncomfortable. Many talk show hosts have faced backlash because of it and others have also had their shows shut down altogether. It is truly a shame as to how far the media can go from to time.

Liam Neeson

One such situation put Neeson in a pickle, one he was dying to get out of. The transition from an intellectual setting to that of pure embarrassment was not something he had remotely been looking forward to. So when he was presented with the situation, he had to deal with it accordingly.

Liam Neeson Was Put In A Tight Spot During An Interview

Liam Neeson was rather excited to be on the set of The View. The interview was intriguing at first as they were talking about gun violence in the United States of America, something he is highly against. However, when he stepped on stage and his segment started, the mood of the interview shifted completely.

Liam Neeson

“But then the segment’s all about this — oof —thirteen, fourteen-year-old crush. It’s just a bit embarrassing.”

Suddenly they were talking about crushes and who they all liked. This was something the actor was not okay with. He found it to be an uncomfortable setting and just wanted to change the topic if possible.

He hadn’t known all of them for so long that they could have a conversation like that, feeling both embarrassed and uncomfortable at the same time.

Joy Behar and Ana Navarro were constantly talking about him as the former was basically fawning over him and the fact that he was actually there. This kept going on and on, something he did not like at all.

Joy Behar Was Basically Obsessed With Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson wasn’t the only one who was being embarrassed. Joy Behar was somewhat exposed in front of her celebrity crush. Whenever she commented about how the entire crew and show loved Neeson, her co-host would interfere and add that she would be the one who adores him the most.

Liam Neeson

“Oh Joy, stop it. Get a life!”

A dispute even began over cards that were given by the actor after Valentine’s Day. Behar was showing off how she got a card from the card and nobody else did.

However, Navarro later clarified that she was not alone and everyone was given a card. Behar still emphasized the fact that her card had something extra written on it unlike everyone else’s.