Past scandals were “dug up”, once again, Blackpink suffered a lot of criticism from the public!

In recent days, Blackpink received a lot of criticism when they were accused of being 20 minutes late to an event attended by player David Beckham.

Accordingly, management company YG Entertainment also issued an official statement to resolve the issue.

Faced with the above situation, a short video of Jang Do Yeon speaking on stage to receive an award lasting more than 3 minutes at the 2018 Elle Style Awards has attracted attention.

In it, the female artist tried to fill the time gap when Blackpink members arrived late.

At the beginning of the video, Jang Do Yeon thanked everyone for the award. After that, she continued to handle the situation professionally with an amusing story:

“I think some of you may feel that I spoke for too long, but since Blackpink hasn’t arrived yet, I have to speak.” Kim Chi netizens considered this a “legendary” video of Jang Do Yeon because of her quick-mindedness and the story she said was not a funny joke.

The fan community has asked Blackpink to apologize for keeping David Beckham waiting. However, their answer is still silence.

On the other hand, the public became angrier than ever when Jennie was uploading photos to the social network Instagram without saying anything about the problem.