Put down the phone and talk to each other…

No one can deny that the Becks are a family that takes their career very seriously.

David Beckham could be away from home for months at the peak of his career and to this day, he still flies around the world for brand promotion trips or to demonstrate the ambassador role he is taking on.

Victoria Beckham is no different. She once toured with the Spice Girls and is now a busy businesswoman with non-stop collections and global marketing campaigns.

However, it is miraculous that they always balance their personal work with taking care of their children and preserving their marriage.

Maybe, in this famous couple’s nearly 20 years together, some people will remember or forget that David Beckham had an affair.

But, currently, the most impressive image is that both of them happily and regularly take care of their children together or take turns twice a year. Beckham and his children “make a fuss” at fashion collection launches. Victoria’s new site in New York.

“The kids will be in New York and he has plans to take them to museums and then go out to dinner on Saturday… That’s how you can show support for each other in your life.” marriage,” Victoria shared in a conversation with Elle UK.

She excitedly shared about what is probably very familiar between her and her husband: “You know what? I have this idea – That’s how to create a good relationship.”

Victoria and David have been married since 1999 and have 4 beautiful angels. So, what is the key to their marriage still surviving until now in the face of so many objections and temptations? “David and I both respect the fact that we’re both very, very busy. We both have important jobs. But more importantly, we’re constantly willing to put our phones down and sometimes just be together.” Just talking to each other.”