39-Year-Old Reality TV Star Draya Michele Reveals She’s Pregnant With 22-Year-Old NBA Star’s Child

Model and reality TV star Draya Michele has revealed that she’s pregnant for a 22-year-old NBA star.

Draya, who’s 39 years old, is known to be with Houston Rockets guard Jalen Green, and pregnancy rumors went rife after she showed up to one of his games wearing baggy overalls earlier this year.

She has now confirmed that they are indeed expecting their first child in May, though she didn’t name Green.

“As women, we navigate through so much, often leading us to question, ‘What is my purpose?’” she wrote in an Instagram post on International Women’s Day.

Draya Michele sitting on a swing

“For me, the magic lies in motherhood and the awe-inspiring ability to bring life into this world over the span of two decades. It’s my superpower. And if anything can surpass the wonder of being a woman, it’s the privilege of bringing another woman into existence.

“We are overjoyed to share our love for you, little girl. I’m am excited to speak words to the daughter I never thought I’d have. We are anxious about your arrival, but take your time — this world can be tough. But know you are being brought into a space of love, security, and adornment. #28weeks #7months #comingMay2024 #girlmom.”
The announcement has attracted lots of negative comments given the 17-year age gap between Draya and Jalen, with some referring to her as a “predator” and others suggesting she should be in prison.

“Yes officer, she’s right here,” a user commented while another branded her “R. Shelly.”

“girl u need to be in jail, congrats tho,” one wrote.

“Aren’t you tired of making broken homes?” asked another.

Draya was rumored to be dating Green after they were spotted together at a party in Los Angeles last August.

The model, who already has two sons, is known for dating rappers, athletes, and other celebrities. So her announcement was never going to go down well.