Lakers, LeBron James Reportedly Nearing Lucrative New Contract Agreement

The number one question facing your Los Angeles Lakers this upcoming summer is, “Where will LeBron James go?” James has a player option in his contract.

LeBron James signing $97 million contract extension with Lakers

He could either leave for another squad or opt into his $51.4 million salary. The reasonable and viable option for James is to stick with the Purple and Gold for the rest of his career… assuming they’re open to overpaying him a little.

According to Bobby Marks and Dave McMenamin of ESPN, all signs point to James and the Lakers agreeing on a deal this summer.

James has made more than $482 million in salary in his career and will become the first player in NBA history to pass the $500 million mark next season, by either opting in to his $51.4 million salary, signing a new contract with the Lakers or, in a less likely scenario, signing with another team.

LeBron James eyeing new nine-figure contract with Lakers | Yardbarker

There are plenty of options for James and many deciding factors.

The most significant deciding factor could be what his son, USC freshman guard Bronny James, decides to do.

Will he declare for the draft in 2024 or return to USC for his sophomore year? The four-time MVP has been adamant about wanting to play alongside his son, but it may not be in the cards for the next NBA season.

As for his options outside the Lakers, the only teams with big cash this summer are the Oklahoma City Thunder, Philadelphia 76ers, and Orland Magic.

While two of those three are up-and-coming teams, and the 76ers are a threat every season, we don’t see James packing up his bags and leaving for those cities. The Knicks and the Warriors are also teams that are interested in James.

Windhorst: LeBron James 'Basically Already Negotiating' for $50M Lakers Contract | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors | Bleacher Report

However, with the Warrios case, it could invoke a sign-and-trade. With the Knicks, they have the allure of Madison Square Garden; however, they may also need to trade for The King. The last thign the Lakers want to do is be the franchise who traded hames sop the chances of either of thise team slandign him are pretty dim. The Lakers are the only team in the NAB that can offer Hames a true no-trade clause.

If he opts into his contract, he would be eligible to sign a two-year, $122 million extension with the Lakes starting August 18th. If James signs that deal, he would have spent eight seasons with the Lakers, the most he’s spent with any franchise through one tenure.

James will have until June 29th to decide whether to opt in or become a free agent. All eyes will be on James’ decision months before he turns 40. Who would have thought?