Travis Kelce’s Reaction When Woman Tried To Dance On Him Goes Viral

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are the most scrutinized and watched couple in the world right now.

One is an NFL superstar who just won his third Super Bowl championship. The other is a pop icon with fans all over the globe. The result of their union has been tabloid gold.

In recent days the pair has set the internet ablaze for everything ranging from Kelce going on a boys’ trip and immediately breaking one of Swift’s rules for him to Kelce taking a handsy photo with another pop star to their suspicious video together that left folks puzzled.

This week, that trend continued when Kelce decided to jet off to Las Vegas and party with his boys.

On Monday, a video began to circulate online. In it, Kelce could be seen clubbing with Patrick Mahomes when a woman attempts to dance on him:



NFL fans are a vocal bunch, as are Swift’s loyal followers. As a result, there was a ton of intrigue over how Kelce opted to handle himself.

The responses speak for themselves:





Big picture, there are a lot of questions surrounding how long Kelce and Swift will remain a couple.

That said – clearly the pair is still growing strong.


Nothing has happened thus far to indicate there is any trouble in paradise whatsoever.

Will Kelce and Swift be able to go the distance as a couple? Time will tell.