YesJulz Opens Up About Rumors She Slept With LeBron James (VIDEO)

Social media influencer YesJulz has finally addressed the rumors implying she had an affair with NBA superstar LeBron James.

Claims of LeBron cheating on his wife Savannah began swirling after rapper Pusha T implied as much in his 2014 track,

Popular Demand. Pusha T suggested that LBJ was sleeping with a “white b**ch,”

sparking rife rumors of the then-Miami Heat star stepping out on his marriage just a year after tying the knot.

YesJulz and LeBron James.

“H*es lining up on the curb they fall like dominoes. Used to have this white b**ch she looked like Madonna though,” the song says. “Heard that she f**king LeBron, but shit I don’t know. Like that Bron-Bron? I had that a long time ago.”

YesJulz Finally Addresses Rumors CLaiming She Slept With King James

LeBron never publicly addressed the rumors and, by now, everyone must have forgotten about them. The Los Angeles Lakers forward has been happily married since 2013 and has three children with his wife. But Julz has resurrected it all as she’s cleared the air in a now-viral video.

“I have never in my entire life been alone with LeBron James. Period…. Clearly, we were friends, I was working in Miami I was one of the most popular partygoers and throwers in Miami,” she says in the clip, which can be seen right below.

Despite a few cheating rumors over the years, all of them unfounded, LeBron has been a consummate professional throughout his career and has never gotten himself in any kind of trouble, with the law or otherwise.

He became the NBA’s all-time leading scorer this year but fell short in his pursuit of a fifth championship.