One Piece Theory: Blackbeard’s 3rd Devil Fruit is a Mythical Zoan That Can Transform Him into a Legendary Viking Sea Monster


Theory suggests Blackbeard’s third Devil Fruit is a Mythical Zoan, turning him into a Viking sea monster.
Aligns Blackbeard with Norse mythology, adding depth to his character and motives, drawing parallels to Ragnarok.
Introducing this new power could reshape alliances’ power dynamics and deepen the exploration of mystical elements in the One Piece world.

Marshall D. Teach is unique in that no other individual in the universe of One Piece can keep two Devil Fruits at once. However, a new standard theory goes further and proposes a possibility that the third fruit powers Blackbeard—a Mythical Zoan. Thus, the Viking Viking fruit offers him his sea monster prowess. This would deepen the world of One Piece and firmly entrench Blackbeard in the context of Norse mythology with the earlier-mentioned maritime lore.

The Mythical Zoan Type: A Gateway to Legendary Beasts

Blackbeard from One PieceBlackbeard – Marshall D. Teach
The other is scarce and influential, said to allow the user to transform into a mythical creature with fearsome abilities. More than anything else, the thematic wealth brought forth through One Piece can hardly be ignored because Blackbeard would own the third Devil Fruit in this category. If Blackbeard’s third Devil Fruit allows him to become a creature of legend, it could take the world of One Piece to a different plane.

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Some theories suggest that this mythic creature could have been inspired by the Jormungandr or the Kraken, which is deeply embedded in Viking and maritime lore. The Jormungandr and Kraken depict fears and legends about the sea; the first is a sea serpent so gigantic that it is believed to be circling the earth, and the second is a vast sea monster that scares sailors. His pirate persona and dark ambitions—such a creature would ally themselves to signify the overwhelming threat to the world that Blackbeard represented. He would have signaled the world in the story through that allyship to bring in new chaos.

Blackbeard’s Ties to Norse Mythology and Viking Lore

blackbeard showcasing yami yami no miBlackbeard showcasing Yami Yami no Mi
The concept of a Viking-based Devil Fruit tethers Blackbeard’s character to a rich cultural and historical heritage. Celebrated for seafaring and adventuring, Vikings boast a mythology teeming with gods, monsters, and superhumans. This would, in turn, add so much to Blackbeard’s character and an altogether different comprehension concerning his motivation, stratagems, and eventual contribution leading to the climax of One Piece.

The idea of Ragnarok, the prophesied apocalypse in Norse mythology, could go hand in hand with Blackbeard’s vision of the One Piece world. Just like death amongst gods comes with Ragnarok, the reshaping of the world and the birth of a new society, Blackbeard’s aims can be interpreted as dismantling organized society to emerge a new world under his dominion.

The Impact of a Third Devil Fruit on the One Piece Universe

Blackbeard's Dark-Dark Fruit from One PieceBlackbeard’s Dark-Dark Fruit from One Piece
Introducing a third Mythical-type Devil Fruit for Blackbeard would have far-reaching consequences for the entire power balance within the One Piece universe. Blackbeard can be reincarnated as one of the fearsome rivals in the show; he would set the stage for some epic battles redefining the era.

It might also start new alliances and hostilities, with other characters of the One Piece world reacting to Blackbeard’s increased threat. Deeper exploration of the world’s mystical elements, from the ocean’s origin and the All Blue theory to the genesis of the Devil Fruits and what is essential.