One Piece’s latest chapter gives Bonney a terrifying new power that could completely change the situation on Egghead and Bonney’s future forever.

Bonney in adult form looking serious over her shoulder with Saint Saturn behind her looking grim in One Piece

Warning: Contains spoilers for chapter #1106 of One Piece.


 Bonney gains the power to command the Pacifista, making her the most wanted individual on Egghead.
 Vegapunk suggests Bonney can command any unit made with Kuma’s likeness, including S-Bear and the original Kuma.
 Bonney’s new ability makes her a crucial character going forward and a potential ally for the Straw Hats or even a member of the crew.

One Piece‘s Egghead Arc has outdone itself yet again with another surprising twist, this time giving one unexpected character even more power than the Five Elders. The latest chapter reveals a shocking betrayal by Dr. Vegapunk has given Bonney a most dangerous power that could redefine her role in the series going forward.

Chapter #1106 of One Piece reveals Bonney has been given the ability to command the Pacifista, with Vegapunk confessing he gave Bonney the highest authority in the chain of command, even above the Five Elders. In the chapter, Bonney pleads with the Pacifista not to shoot and help them escape the island, after which the Pacifista go haywire and begin attacking the Marines instead.

Vegapunk explains how and why he gave Bonney the authority to order the Pacifista in One Piece

Vegapunk then reveals that he made this touching decision as he could not bear to see Bonney killed by her father’s likeness or for Kuma to harm the daughter he loved so deeply. Needless to say, Vegapunk’s decision to give Bonney control over an entire army of Pacifista will have great repercussions, but may very well be the key to escaping the Buster Call on Egghead.

Bonney gets serious in One Piece

The One Piece anime has taken a controversial scene from the manga and extended it, making it even more problematic.

Bonney Gains the Dangerous Power to Command the Pacifista

Bonney commands the Pacifista not to shoot in One Piece

Bonney’s newfound power to control the Pacifista further shifts the tide against the Marines while also making Bonney the most wanted individual on Egghead. The Pacifista form a major chunk of the Navy’s might and, together with the Seraphim, were powerful enough to warrant replacing the Seven Warlords. As such, eliminating Bonney to restore the Five Elders’ authority will surely be a priority.

Moreover, Vegapunk also implies that Bonney can command not only the Pacifista but also any unit made with Kuma’s likeness, which means Bonney can most likely also command S-Bear, the Seraphim modeled after Kuma. Bonney may also be able to command the original Kuma in the event that he still does not possess his willpower, although the latest chapters have implied otherwise with Kuma’s use of Haki against Saint Saturn.

Luffy and chopper with stars in their eyes looking at the Iron Giant on Egghead from the manga in One Piece

The latest chapter of One Piece teases that the Nika fruit grants Luffy yet another surprising ability, and it is the one power he has always desired.

One Piece Redefines Bonney’s Future in the Series

gear five luffy and bonney from one piece facing each other

Chapter #1106 single-handedly makes Bonney the most crucial character in One Piece going forward, not only on Egghead but also if there is to be a Final War against the World Government, as fans have popularly speculated. Bonney holds the power to turn the Navy’s biggest ace against them, making her an indispensable ally. Together with her tragic backstory, Bonney’s shocking new ability also makes her the perfect candidate for the final Straw Hat.

Seeing as Bonney never intended on becoming a pirate and set out to sea solely to find Kuma, it has always been unclear what conclusion her story would reach. However, her chemistry with Luffy and Chopper, coupled with her current precarious situation, suggests joining the Straw Hats could be the safest route for Bonney, as an Emperor’s crew would offer the best protection from the World Government.

Bonney cries in One Piece

Either way, the latest chapter of One Piece signals a decisive turning point in the Egghead Arc. The odds appear to be shifting in the Straw Hats’ favor at last and Bonney‘s ability to control the Pacifista is simply the cherry on top of the chaos. However, only time will tell how this chaos will unfold and what more surprises the Egghead Arc has in store.