Popular Theory Claims the One Piece is Not an Ancient Weapon: It’s a Message

Bizarre Theory Claims One Piece Treasure is a Message for Monkey D. Luffy.


Eiichiro Oda’s anime and manga series One Piece is among the most popular and entertaining in history.
Over the years, there has been significant debate about what the One Piece is.
According to one hypothesis, the One Piece treasure is not an ancient weapon but rather a message left for the person who would eventually be able to visit Laugh Tale.

One Piece, as created by Eiichiro Oda, is one of the most well-known and enjoyable anime and manga series in history. One Piece, one of the Big Three that also includes Bleach and Naruto, is regarded as an internationally recognized anime masterpiece and has a sizable worldwide fan base.
One Piece has entered it's final arcOne Piece
For more than 20 years, the series has delighted viewers and is evolving into a narrative about a fantastic journey. Nevertheless, Monkey D. Luffy and his group are still far from discovering the One Piece treasure they have been looking for despite over a thousand episodes and fifteen movies.

Throughout the years, there has been much discussion about what the One Piece is and how, if at all, it links to the larger tale of the series. These discussions have led to the development of multiple theories about the One Piece treasure, and according to one of them, the One Piece treasure is not an ancient weapon but a message left for the person who will finally be able to reach Laugh Tale.

The Anticipation About the Contents of the One Piece Treasure

The only thing that is known about what’s inside of the One Piece treasure is that it had been acquired by the Roger Pirate Captain and Pirate King Gol D Roger before his demise, and the treasure originally belonged to Joyboy. A mysterious character who holds as much importance in the story as the original treasure.

Roger declared just before he passed away that his greatest prize, the One Piece, was located at Laugh Tale and could be obtained by anyone who wanted to travel there. Laugh Tale is the last island at the very tip of the New World, and the only way for anyone to get there is to piece together the four Road Poneglyphs.
One Piece - Laugh TaleOne Piece – Laugh Tale
This gave rise to an entire generation of pirates who have since made numerous unsuccessful attempts to find this elusive treasure. While trying to discover the treasure, many characters and One Piece fans have formulated many theories about the contents of the treasure. While some believe that the treasure is an ancient weapon, one theory claims that the One Piece treasure is actually a message.

One Piece Theory Claims The Treasure is a Message

According to a theory shared by CBR, when Roger first arrived at Laugh Tale, he and his crew did nothing but stare at something. Soon after, Roger smiled broadly and started to laugh, giving the island the nickname Laugh Tale as a result. Later on, Roger left the island and hoped that someone else would find the treasure.
Road PoneglyphRoad Poneglyph
Because of this, there have been rumors that Roger was reading something and that the One Piece is just another Poneglyph with an important message buried inside. It might be the last words spoken by Joyboy, or it might be the whole truth of human history. Also, it could reveal the truth about what happened during the Void Century.

Either would explain the World Government’s concerns and if such truths were thoroughly recorded, they may create a huge agitation that would inspire everyone to try to change the course of history, just like Roger hoped while announcing the One Piece treasure.