Why One Piece Chapter 1112 is Delayed?


Fans will have to wait almost four weeks for the next One Piece episode.
Oda has habitually taken breaks to reevaluate his creative prowess to add more value to his work.
Fans of this great Mangaka pray in unison for the legend’s speedy recovery.

Fans of One Piece are on the edges of their seats with the fully realized, exciting, and complex plot that the Egghead Island arc has developed into. Surprisingly, the excitement is now fragmented, since manga creator and artist Eiichiro Oda announced a three-week sabbatical from both writing and drawing the work.

Given that Oda often takes short breaks or only takes them under extreme circumstances, the sheer notion of his choosing to take such a lengthy vacation alarmed the supporters. However, this might as well be different. After Weekly Shonen Jump’s issue number 17’s 1111th episode was published, fans had to wait almost four weeks for the next chapter.

Could the reason behind the hiatus be related to Eiichiro Oda’s health?

Mihawk Fighting LuffyMihawk Fighting Luffy
Although the statement did not explain Oda’s vacation, it did stimulate conjecture and guesswork from the audience. Following conjecture about Oda’s possible health troubles, rumor mills cited a variety of ailments from earlier instances in which Oda supposedly missed time due to operations and other medical issues. Others think Oda would use the hiatus to plot out the last few chapters of the narrative so that readers will be left with a more satisfactory conclusion.

Oda’s vacation in 2022 and 23 aligns, for reasons unknown, with significant narrative developments or personal health difficulties. This highlights the demanding task of keeping up with a weekly manga series, particularly one as popular and vast as One Piece.

Because of this, the timing of the break is very significant since it coincides with the development of an arc that will rock the foundations.

Just before the hiatus, chapter 1111 promised a roller coaster of occurrences. Fans can prepare for intense fighting as Luffy and the Giants battle the Five Elders throughout this crucial month.

How has the community reacted to this sudden detour in the schedule?

An angry Nami in One Piece

Nami from One Piece
Fans are now praying for his health to recover, which has practically become a ritual. Many are on social media expressing their concerns, concerned that there may be some chance that an unprecedented situation caused this hiatus.



Recently, the anime world has been grieving the death of Akira Toriyama. Several users have taken their condolences to X. This is another reason that fans are speculating about this sudden hiatus. Some people have chipped in that Oda might be trying to pay respect to the soul.

It might be disappointing for the fans, but considering the probability of this hiatus being related to Oda’s health, readers can’t help but hope for the best. April 21 is a much-anticipated date as the fans wait in bated breath for the return of One Piece; they have no option but to hope and believe that the break will have served Oda well enough in the blending arc.