Golden State Warriors luminary Steph Curry etched his name in the annals of NBA history yet again, reaching a significant milestone during Wednesday night’s showdown against the Memphis Grizzlies. With his 300th three-pointer of the season, Curry solidified his status as a record-breaker, marking his fifth instance of achieving this feat and extending his lead as the player with the most such seasons in NBA history.

Curry’s unparalleled combination of volume, efficiency, and sheer difficulty in his three-point shooting distinguishes him as a class apart. His prowess transcends the boundaries of traditional shooting, setting him apart as the preeminent marksman in the game’s history. With each game, Curry continues to shatter existing records and redefine the boundaries of shooting excellence, as evidenced once again in the clash against Memphis.

Despite Curry’s stellar performance, the season has been fraught with frustration for the Warriors. Hindered by their position as the 10th seed, their journey to the playoffs appears increasingly arduous, necessitating victory in two play-in tournament games. While Curry remains a beacon of consistency and excellence, the supporting cast has struggled to provide a reliable second option, until Jonathan Kuminga’s recent emergence.

The Warriors’ reliance on Curry underscores the challenges faced by the team, compounded by inconsistencies within the roster. However, they remain resolute in their belief of mounting a late-season surge to make a substantial impact in the postseason.

Adding to Curry’s accolades is his unmatched efficiency, boasting the highest True Shooting Percentage (TS%) at 62.6% and Effective Field Goal Percentage (EFG%) at 58.2% among all players in the top 50 in all-time NBA scoring. Such efficiency cements his legacy as one of the greatest shooters the sport has ever witnessed, further elevating his status in basketball lore.