Gilbert Arenas was recently caught in controversy for his comments about rapper Saucy Santana.

American former professional Gilbert Arenas was an integral part of the NBA for eleven years. And like many retired players, the Memphis Grizzlies guard is still pretty active in the NBA world.

However, recently, the former player landed himself in hot water for allegedly being homophobic on his podcast. For context, Gilbert made insensitive comments towards rapper Saucy Santana.

As expected, the internet, along with Santana, was furious at the comments by the former athlete, and it seems like the issue has now taken a rather different turn.

In an episode of Gilbert Arenas‘ podcast, “No Chill with Gilbert Arenas,” his former teammate Nick Young appeared as a guest. During the episode, while the duo was discussing the filming of the series “College Hill,” Young brought up his close friend and a cast member, Santana.

For the uninitiated, Santana is an openly gay rapper. And despite Young trying to stop Arenas, the podcaster went ahead and made some insensitive comments towards Santana’s s*xuality and his credibility as a rapper.

Oh hell no. That’s your dawg? Hell no. Come on man, “Not this. That ain’t no rapper. Stop it. That was your roommate? Come on dawg. That’s your dawg huh? Nick, I know you paid for that.

Gilbert Arenas said

That’s not all; Arenas even made fun of Young’s friendship with Santana and laughed at the rapper. Arenas’ comments were certainly homophobic and offensive to Santana, as he was angry at the podcaster’s reaction.

The American rapper made a TikTok video and called Arenas out for pointing fingers at Santana’s credibility as a rapper and for making insensitive comments about his sexual orientation.

However, it seems as if Arenas has not learned his lesson. The former player again made offensive comments regarding Santana on the latest live episode of the same podcast. And this time, Arenas mocked the rapper’s sexuality even more. After the controversy was brought up, he bizarrely compared Santana to rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

Between him [Santana] or Megan the stallion, I don't know who ima throw my dollars to dawg.

Arenas told Young while he tried to stop him.

Nick Young reveals the unheard story of Gilbert Arenas and Draya Michele

Model and media personality Draya Michele announced her pregnancy with NBA star Jalen Green on Women’s Day. Former players Nick Young and Gilbert Arenas reacted to the news live on social media. The former teammates, just like the rest of the NBA netizens, were shocked by the news. The couple share a 17-year-old age gap between them.

While on the subject, Young decided to reveal something NBA fans have not heard of. Young brought up Arenas’ previous relationships with Michele in the conversation while they were teammates. Young remembered catching Arenas and Michele in the back seat of his car. But Arenas stopped Young from telling the story.

She's a mother now, yeah, we can't do that…Cause that day changed my life. That's when Swaggy P was like, ok this is what NBA is about.

Young told Arenas.

Arenas was previously rumored to be the father of Michele’s first son. But the rumors were put to rest by Michele herself. Despite that news is untrue, based on Young’s words, Arenas was in some ways involved with the model. The previous history between the retired player and model might be the reason behind Arenas and Young’s reaction to the pregnancy news.