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Lionel Messi’s prowess on the football field is renowned worldwide, but his talents seem far beyond just his impeccable skills with the ball. In a recent revelation by Inter Miami midfielder Julian Gressel, Messi’s fluency in English has left his teammates awestruck.

During a pre-season tour in Saudi Arabia, where Inter Miami was scheduled to face off against Saudi Pro League clubs Al Nassr and Al Hilal, Messi engaged in a conversation with Gressel that showcased his impressive linguistic abilities. As Gressel recounted the incident on a podcast, the Argentine icon effortlessly conversed in English, leaving his American teammate utterly stunned.

The exchange, captured in a podcast, revealed Messi’s casual confidence in his English proficiency. When Gressel affirmed that Messi’s English was excellent, it sparked widespread amazement and humor across the football community. Memes flooded social media platforms, with one viral meme humorously suggesting that Messi might even unveil the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI before its official release, so astounding was his linguistic skill.

Messi’s impact on Inter Miami has been nothing short of transformative. Since he arrived at the David Beckham-owned club, Inter Miami has experienced a meteoric rise in various facets of the organization. Messi’s presence has unprecedentedly revitalized the club from increased ticket sales to heightened merchandise demand and improved on-field performances.

Last season, Inter Miami languished in the lower echelons of the table, struggling to compete against stronger opponents. However, Messi’s arrival instilled newfound energy and belief into the team. With Messi catalyzing Inter Miami’s resurgence, the rapid improvement in standings, gameplay, and team morale was palpable.

Inter Miami remains unbeaten as the 2024 Major Soccer League season unfolds with two wins and a draw in three matches. Their upcoming CONCACAF Champions Cup Round of 16 fixture against Nashville SC presents another opportunity for Messi and his teammates to showcase their collective prowess on the field.

With Messi leading the charge, Inter Miami’s journey promises to be filled with excitement and anticipation, both on and off the pitch. As the football world continues to marvel at Messi’s multifaceted talents, one thing is certain: his impact transcends language barriers and leaves an indelible mark wherever he goes.