Oda-Sensei has returned after taking a break due to his health, and One Piece chapter 1110 spoilers have arrived.

The Egghead arc is closer to the conclusion than ever with Luffy beating Saturn and Kizaru. However, while everyone fights, Dr. Vegapunk is in the labophase to reveal the unworldly truth to the world.

Bonney is now safe and sound, and everyone at Egghead Island prepares to leave the island due to severe destruction, and they plan to move toward Elbaf.

At the central battlefield, after Luffy defeats Saturn and Kizaru, a summoning circle suddenly appears, and all of the Gorosei enter the battlefield.

Here are One Piece Chapter 1110 Spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 1110 Spoilers:

The upcoming chapter begins with the remaining members of the Gorosei arriving at the egghead islands, and all four of them are in their Yokai forms.

If you’re not familiar, the Yokai forms are their awakened form, similar to Saturn’s spider body awakening.

V. Nusjuro’s awakened form is similar to a wild horse. Ju Peter looks like a gigantic and monstrous worm, which can devour the whole island.

Warcury turns into a Giant Wild Boar Yokai, and last but not least, Marcus Mars transforms into a giant bird, and all of them face Luffy in their ultimate battle for Egghead.

The fight begins, and the Gorosei rush toward Luffy, who’s in gear 5, to attack him. However, before they even can land a finger on him, the giants step in to help Luffy fight the Gorosei.

At the end of the chapter, the most awaited moment arrives. In the Labophase, Zoro and Lucci’s battle has finally concluded.

Zoro has defeated Rob Lucci of Cipher Pol 0!

There will be no break next week, One Piece chapter 1110 will be officially released on 17th March 2023.