The Gorosei fight Luffy, Dorry, and Brogy in One Piece 1111.

gorosei five elders vs luffy dorry brogy one piece preview 1111


 New One Piece chapter will feature epic fight between Dorry, Brogy, and Luffy against Three Elders.
 The battle continues with likely regeneration powers of the Elders, adding more twists to the story.
 Straw Hat Pirates prepare for escape from Egghead Island, setting stage for a thrilling storyline in upcoming chapters.

One Piece chapter 1111 is most definitely going to be one of the most unpredictable chapters that fans have received in the Egghead Island arc. While this arc has completely blown away all expectations that the fans had from it, it is still not done. There is a lot more action still to come, and after the incredible performance shown by the Five Elders in the previous chapter, fans are excited to see what OP chapter 1111 has in store for them.

V Nusjuro Bakotsu Horse Yokai One Piece

Nusjuro reveals his powerful Yokai Horse powers in One Piece.

Of course, the upcoming chapter is most likely still going to be centered around the Five Elders, with the Straw Hat Pirates trying to follow the plan at hand at this point in time. There is a lot of stuff to be excited about when it comes to One Piece chapter 1111, and fans absolutely cannot wait for it.

Dorry, Brogy, and Luffy Vs 3 Elders

dorry and brogy save luffy one piece 1111

One Piece chapter 1111 will most definitely give fans a glimpse of Dorry, Brogy, and Luffy in combat at once. Towards the end of the last chapter, Dorry and Brogy finally arrived where Luffy was, and they saved him from Ju Peter. Saint Ju Peter swallowed Luffy whole, and had it not been for them, something terrible could have happened to the Straw Hat Captain. Thankfully, using a technique called Saw Sun, they were able to completely chop up Ju Peter in three parts, and rescue Luffy. This fight will most likely continue from here onwards in OP chapter 1111, and fans are excited to see what direction Oda goes next.

The first thing that fans need to keep in mind when it comes to this particular fight is that Jupiter is most likely not done. Just like Saturn, he is going to have a regeneration power, and this ability is going to see to it that he grows his head back. It is also possible that he is able to multiply if he is chopped up. This would then signify that the Elders have different abilities. For instance, unlike Saturn, Ju Peter could have a different regeneration ability which would see him create multiple bodies, as many times as he is chopped up. This would put the Straw Hat Pirates in an even worse situation, as the numbers would simply keep on growing. Of course, it is also possible that Oda will showcase Jupiter to have a similar regeneration power to Saturn. However, if he does multiple, that would add an interesting twist to this battle.

Regardless, fans should be incredibly excited to see that Dorry, Brogy and Luffy will be up against three Elders. Saint Saturn and Saint Ju Peter are already at war with them. Now, the first Elder, Saint Warcury, who holds the power of the Fengxi, will also join the battle. So far, he’s the only one that fans have not seen much of, and it is highly likely that One Piece chapter 1111 will showcase his power as well. Given that he is likely going to be incredibly strong and durable, he will likely fight against Giants, who are the epitome of strength in the One Piece world. This battle is most likely going to be very interesting, and fans are already on the edge of their seats.

The Straw Hats Prepare For Escape

zoro finishes lucci new attack one piece 1111

While the battle between the Pirates and the Elders will most likely continue in One Piece chapter 1111, another interesting aspect of the story that will need to be tackled is the escape plan of the Straw Hat Pirates. As fans know, it is highly likely that the Straw Hat Pirates will escape from Egghead. Previously, at Game Rant, we predicted that the Straw Hat Pirates are going to split up on Egghead, as that would ensure the survival of the crew. It appears that this is likely, as hinted by Sanji in the previous chapter. Currently, half of the Straw Hat Pirates are on the Labophase, while the other half is on the Fabriophase.

five elders gorosei not devil fruit users one piece

The Gorosei are not devil fruit users despite possessing beastly powers in One Piece.

This means that the crew could very well end up splitting. Half of the crew could end up taking the Sunny, while the other half could take the ship of the Giant Pirates. The Straw Hat Pirates could potentially have escaped already, however, what was holding them back was Zoro. Now that Zoro has finished his fight against Lucci, Jinbe can bring him back, and that means the Straw Hat Pirates can prepare for escape. Fans will most likely see the Straw Hat Pirates on the Labophase assemble in the next chapter, with Jinbe likely taking control of the operations, and Nami navigating the crew out of there.

Of course, whether they can escape in the next chapter or not remains to be seen. Given that Saint Marcus Mars is right outside, it is highly unlikely for them to be able to escape in just one chapter. Someone would need to hold Marcus Mars back to give the crew a chance to escape. This individual could end up being Sanji. Sanjay is currently burdened with Vegapunk. One Piece chapter 1111 could very well see Sanji drop Vegas somewhere, likely at the Giant Pirates ship, and head up to stop Marcus Mars.

Fans should know that this does not mean Sanji will get an all-out battle against Mars. It is likely going to be just a brief moment where he holds him down, and the Straw Hat Pirates manage to escape with a powerful coup de burst. With that strategy, the Straw Hat Pirates can escape from the island. Of course, all this will most likely not happen in one chapter, so fans should see some development towards this plot point in the upcoming one.

The Labophase Conundrum

nami straw hat escape plan one piece 1111

Most importantly, another problem that is currently at hand for the Straw Hat Crew is pertaining to the escape from the Labophase. What fans know for sure is that the barrier that is protecting the Labophase right now is necessary. It is because of the barrier that Marcus Mars could be kept in check, however, if the crew leaves, and the barrier is removed, then the chances of Vegapunk’s message being interrupted grow tremendously, unless someone holds Marcus Mars back. This is quite a problem at hand for the Straw Hat Pirates, and Oda will need to figure out a solution to this. One thing that fans know for sure is that Vegapunk’s message has to come out at any cost.

If the Straw Hat Pirates do decide to split up here, then Luffy, Sanji, Franky, and Bonney will most likely travel with the Giants. The other group will travel to Elbaf before them, and fans will most likely follow one or the other group, with Oda not revealing the result of the battle on the island to the fans anytime soon. One Piece chapter 1111 is going to be tremendously important in that regard, and fans absolutely cannot wait to see what Oda has in store for them next.

One Piece is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of One Piece, One Piece 1111, is set to be March 24, 2024.