The ‘One Piece is a Comic Book’ Theory Sounds Less Absurd the More You Read it

Bizarre ‘One Piece’ Theory Claims That The Treasure is Actually a Comic Book.


‘One Piece’ fans have been eagerly anticipating Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates’ arrival at Laugh Tale in the hopes of finding the ‘One Piece’ treasure.
While it might take a few more years for the treasure to be found, ‘One Piece’ anime series fans have theorized about many possible theories about the hidden treasure.
One such theory claims that the One Piece treasure is actually a comic book owned by Joy Boy.

Fans of One Piece have been impatiently awaiting Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates’ arrival at Laugh Tale, where they will hopefully unearth the One Piece treasure and present it to the world. However, they still have an extended amount of time from where they are before they can be considered anywhere close to Laugh Tale.
One Piece has entered it's final arcOne Piece
Though it may take a few more years for the treasure to be revealed, fans of the One Piece anime series have come up with a number of speculations about what the secret treasure might be.

Some think it’s a weapon meant to destroy the Red Line, while others think it’s the adventure the Straw Hat Pirates are on.

However, there is one theory that might feel absurd at first, but the more you read it, the more you will see that the theory makes much more sense than any other theories developed till now about the One Piece Treasure. According to this theory, the One Piece Treasure is a comic book.

One Piece Theory Claims The Treasure is a Comic Book

The One Piece idea, which was first shared by u/RoronoaLuffyZoro on Reddit, suggests that One Piece is a comic book that kept Joy Boy company throughout the darkest moments of the Void Century and may have united people worldwide in a similar way to how Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece has in the real world.

The first piece of evidence in favor of the theory comes from One Piece manga chapter 967, where Roger is shown in a panel holding what looks to be a comic book as he makes his way to Laugh Tale and finds the treasure.

This comic may be a record of Joy Boy’s exploits, or better yet, stories that are imaginary that contributed to Joy Boy’s becoming Nika.
Gol D. Roger Found The One Piece TreasureGol D. Roger Found The One Piece Treasure
Nika might have been nothing more than an imaginary character in Joy Boy’s story, making him giggle with his ridiculous, cartoonish antics, which resembles Luffy’s power during the Gear 5 form. The theory also explains how Joy Boy got Nika’s powers and used them to help the people attain freedom.

One Piece Comic Book Theory Explains How Joy Boy Got Nika’s Powers

If the theory that the One Piece treasure is a comic book is correct, it would also explain how Joy Boy acquired his abilities. Joy Boy may have aspired to be like Nika and his ambition to grant everyone the same freedom and smiles is perhaps what made him famous worldwide.
Sun God Nika in One PieceSun God Nika in One Piece
The higher level of power of technology may have then made this dream a reality through the development of the Nika Fruit, which has powers straight out of a comic book. This comic book might have been the catalyst for Joy Boy’s rebellion against the twenty kingdoms and the formation of his group, which may have included other individuals who assumed the enigmatic “D” initial.

Just like the One Piece manga serves to unite the series’ followers, this comic book functioned as a link between them all. As a result, it makes it natural that this comic book would be Joy Boy’s most important possession, especially given the subjective nature of one’s understanding of treasure in One Piece.