Shanks May No Longer Be The Strongest Haki User After Egghead Island Arc.


Since the start of the Egghead Island arc, One Piece’s power levels have undergone substantial changes.
The revelation of the Gorosei’s powers have also brought significant changes in the story of One Piece.
They might have also taken away the title of the Strongest Haki user from Shanks.

The power levels in One Piece have changed significantly since the beginning of Egghead Island arc. The series has not only introduced the immense powers of The Five Elders but also unraveled some hidden mysteries that have been prolonged for so long in the One Piece story. Eiichiro Oda has truly peaked in the final saga.
Egghead ArcOne Piece – Egghead Arc
The two powers that were introduced at the beginning of the story: Devil Fruits and Haki have also changed significantly. New Devil Fruits and Haki types have been revealed as the story has progressed. While in the category of Devil Fruits, Luffy has the most unique Devil Fruit, in the category of Haki, Shanks is considered to be the strongest.

His previous encounters witnessed in the story have shown that he possesses one of the if not the strongest Haki in the entire series. But according to a new theory, Oda’s latest revelation might have confirmed Shanks is no longer the strongest Haki user in the series. Now, this title might have shifted to The Five Elders.

Shanks’ Haki Abilities Are The Best in One Piece

The chief of the Red Hair Pirates and one of the Four Emperors that rule over the New World, Shanks is considered the strongest Haki user in the One Piece world. Shanks is one of the few people in the world who can perform all three styles of Haki. Whitebeard even praised Shanks on his Haki when he used it during his visit.

During his voyage to Whitebeard’s ship, he was able to cause physical damage to the Yonko’s ship while attempting to suppress his Haki, marking the first instance of this power being employed in an offensive capacity in physical combat. Shanks will play a significant role and be noticeable in the conclusion arc.
Luffy's mentor shanks using conqueror's hakiShanks using Conqueror’s Haki
Every One Piece fan is aware that Shanks is an extremely strong pirate due to his Yonko heritage, and that his amazing Conqueror’s Haki serves as his primary source of strength. So much so, that it has been accepted by fans that Shanks is the strongest Haki user, but this might change because of a recent revelation by Eiichiro Oda.

Theory States Shanks is No Longer the Strongest Haki User in One Piece

According to a theory, the recent revelation about The Five Elders may have put them above Shanks in terms of Haki. It’s reasonable to suppose that they have some of the greatest control over this incredible power in the entire series. These are people with centuries upon centuries of combat experience.
The Five EldersThe Five Elders

They are, after all, considered warrior gods, therefore it should come as hardly any surprise to anyone that they have incredible Haki, which might even be more powerful than Shanks’. Each and every one of the Five Elders is a royal-blooded ruler of a specific family. They thus stand a very good probability of possessing Conqueror’s Haki.

Although they haven’t used their haki in battle much yet, it won’t be long until they do, and when it does, fans will undoubtedly witness their full potential of Haki. The battle against The Five Elders has started in Egghead and they are soon going to use Haki to fight and it will finally reveal their actual Haki strength.