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Gorosei’s exciting Yokai transformations in One Piece Chapter 1110 surprised fans, showing incredible powers in battle.
Saint Shepherd Ju Peter’s Sand Wyrm form, Saint V. Nusjuro’s Bakotsu powers, and Gorosei’s other transformations impressed fans.
Overpowered Gorosei like Saint Topman Warcury with Houki Yokai and Saint Marcus Mars with Itsumade powers are ready for action.

One Piece Chapter 1110 has every fan’s attention right now, largely due to the Egghead Island arc now reaching the peak of its intensity.

With the arrival of the Five Elders on the island, this arc is now ready for an incredible finale, which includes magnificent battles, as well as a race against time for the Straw Hat Pirates in an attempt to escape.

One Piece Chapter 1110 certainly delivered in many ways, however, the things that fans were most excited about in this week’s chapter were Gorosei’s Yokai-based transformations.

This was something that all fans of the story expected to happen in this week’s chapter, but it still surprised them when they actually saw it.

Gorosei’s montage in Egghead

One Piece: Every Gorosei Yokai, Explained

In One Piece chapter 1110, fans finally got to see Gorosei arriving on Egghead Island.

The Five Elders were summoned to this island by Saint Saturn, which alone was not enough to stop Vegapunk’s message from getting out.

Vegapunk plans to reveal a great truth about the world in the next chapters and, to prevent this catastrophe from happening, the Five Elders decided to act. Using a summoning circle, Saturn summoned the remaining Five Elders to Egghead, and now, they have all gathered at the same time. From the beginning, it was incredibly clear to fans that the Gorosei are incredibly powerful.

This was evident from Luffy’s reaction to them, and later, both Zoro and Lucci struggled to understand the fact that incredibly powerful Haki was present throughout the island.

This is clearly an indication of the fact that the Gorosei are incredibly overpowered and, at the same time, ready for action.

Each member of the Five Elders showed off their true Yokai transformations in One Piece chapter 1110, and it was certainly incredible for fans to witness.

Interestingly, none of them had a Devil Fruit attached to them. Oda simply revealed his transformations as real Yokai forms.

This once again strengthens the idea that the Gorosei may not have Devil Fruits, and that they are, in fact, spawn of demons from Hell itself.

Regardless, fans were able to see their transformations properly, and they all have special Yokai-based powers to take on battle.

Saint Shepherd Ju Peter – The Sand Serpent

One Piece: Every Gorosei Yokai, Explained

Carrying number 1 in the convocation circle is none other than Saint Pastor Ju Peter. Fans expected him to reveal his Yokai-based transformation in One Piece chapter 1110, and he certainly delivered.

Saint Pastor Ju Peter has the power to transform into a sandworm. The sand elder is believed to be a close relative of the dragon, however, unlike the dragon, it does not have wings, hands or legs.

The sand elder, or sandworm, is very powerful and, as the name suggests, lives in the sand. He is capable of consuming those in his path and showed this power in One Piece chapter 1110 when he swallowed Luffy whole.

Dorry and Brogy had to extract Luffy from his body, cutting him into pieces. That said, fans can rest assured that the attacks Dorry and Brogy launch against Saint Shepherd Ju Peter are useless, especially because of his incredible regeneration factor.

At the same time, fans should also keep in mind that Saint Shepherd Ju Peter also has a hybrid form that has not yet been revealed.

Santo Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro – O Bakotsu

One Piece: Every Gorosei Yokai, Explained

Saint Ethanbaron V. Nujsuro might just be the most exciting of the Gorosei who ended up revealing his powers in One Piece chapter 1110.

Saint V. Nusjuro possesses the power of Bakotsu, which is a yokai skeleton horse. This yokai possesses incredible strength and speed and, most importantly, possesses the power to summon the cold of the underworld, which is an ability that appears to be very similar to Brook’s.

In One Piece chapter 1110, Nusjuro was seen in combat and managed to take down over 25 Mark 3 Pacifistas in the blink of an eye. His speed is immaculate and the way he uses his incredible sword is incredible.

Most likely, Nusjuro also possesses the incredible regeneration factor of all the Five Elders and, in his case, impeccable control over his sword.

Santo Topman Warcury – O Houki

One Piece: Every Gorosei Yokai, Explained

Saint Topman Warcury carries the number 3 on the summoning circle. He is the one that fans have seen the least of so far. In One Piece chapter 1110, it was revealed that he has the power of a boar yokai named Houki.

His Yokai is borrowed from Chinese mythology and is said to be capable of terrorizing those who stand in his path.

Houki’s abilities were not revealed by Oda in the story, however, in the next chapters, fans will certainly see what he is really capable of.

At the same time, fans can rest assured that Houki will likely also have the absurd regeneration factor that Saturn possesses. At the same time, it will probably have some overwhelming capacity, similar to that of Saturn.

Saint Mark Mars – The Itsumade

One Piece: Every Gorosei Yokai, Explained

Saint Marcus Mars carries the number 4 in the summoning circle and also has an incredible yokai-based transformation. In fact, it could be said that he possesses the second most intriguing yokai transformation among the Five Elders.

It was revealed that he had the power of the Itsumade, a bird-like Yokai. The Itsumade is a creature with the body of a dragon, with wings like birds, as well as a face that is said to be a mix between that of a human and a bird.

Its beak appears curved and this creature’s teeth are razor-sharp. The Ittsumade Yokai’s endurance and power are completely out of this world.

In One Piece Chapter 1110, he was seen flying from the summoning circle to Labophase in the blink of an eye.

The speed with which it attacked Frontier Dome was incredibly impressive. Saint Marcus Mars will likely attempt to break through the barrier and attack the Straw Hats, as well as destroy the location where Vegapunk’s message is being transmitted from. Your bird powers will definitely help you do that.

Just like all the other Elders, Saint Mark Mars will probably have an ability that only he can use.

In his case, this could be the ability to spread an epidemic. Itsumade is linked to epidemics, as it is said to only appear in this particular case, and when corpses are scattered.

Santa Jaygarcia Saturno – O Gyuki

One Piece: Every Gorosei Yokai, Explained

Finally, Gorosei’s last Yokai-based transformation is that of Gyuki, also known as Ushi Oni. Fans have seen a lot of Ushi Oni, and this is a creature with the top half of an Ox and the bottom half of a Spider.

The Ushi Oni has the ability to wound its enemies with an invisible blow, as well as paralyze them by holding them with an invisible force.

At the same time, it also has the ability to cover itself in poison and kill almost anyone. Most importantly, it has an absurd regeneration factor, such that even Gear 5 doesn’t seem to have any effect against it.

One Piece is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by fans officially and for free on Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date of the next chapter of One Piece, One Piece 1110, is scheduled for March 17, 2024.

One Piece: Every Gorosei Yokai, Explained